Legacy League Statistics

Wow I'm shocked! Not really. "Hey I want to play a HOWA meta build. How can I get my hands on one of those awesome items?"

sphinxone wrote:
if the stones were to be purchasable from vendors would yield it more true than what is posted.

This guy. ^
The Lab, making a great game good since 2016.
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99.874% of poe players miss Bex.
Thanks for the statistics!
7 weeks left to 3.0

Have to say i dont like this League.

Afterall its buying time for Tencent.
The top 4 are absolutely no surprise. I am suprised domination wasnt higher on the list.
ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 Occultist
Vinktarded - L100 Pathfinder
No Tempest of abudance? how :(
[3.2]Muh Sprinkler - /view-thread/2117962
[3.2]Muh Poet's pen elementalist - /view-thread/2105455
[2.6]Unethical Voltaxic -6mans shaper - /view-thread/1882958
[2.4]LULFinder CocDischarge - /view-thread/1753207 (sucks now)
[1.3]JustAnotherCritMjolner - /view-thread/1181110 (relics of the past)
cool :D
Enjoying the league its only sad that 5c can make a difference in someone buying your good drops or not if you drop something expensive, or craft something good,
You thought there was a message here? you just got scammed...
The statistic might be different if player have unlimited leaguestone tho, but we are limited to use what we have, which is why the percentage among all leaguestone is actually not that far from each other.
quite boring stats, isnt it?

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