Legacy League Statistics

delete pls
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delete pls
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The league stones that are part of the core game should have been:
* at least 1
* +1-2 to what you would already find in the zone
and not purely 1, that would make them probably somewhat more interesting as its not very interesting to be sure that there will be exactly one spirit in next zone when i can get 3 or so without the stone.
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So which LS, or combo of, puts out the Req Keys?

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The Gene Pool needs chlorine

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breach ftw
Yes, I adore the Breach leaguestones.

Sadly, I still have yet to see an Ancient Reliquary Key drop, but oh well, that's to be expected.
Commoble wrote:
EDIT: Can we also get a list of most popular magic leaguestone mods relative to their respective drop rate?

thats what i want. those statistics say nothing
is something wrong with Login on Legacy ???? i try to log on and didn respond stop at highate and stay there please if can anyone help me

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