The Legacy league has been running for almost 6 weeks now, during which time players have been able to experience the full range of Path of Exile's past leagues. Today we're showing the data we have collected regarding which leaguestones have proved to be the most popular.

Firstly, these are the normal-rarity Leaguestones that players have been choosing to use:

Normal Leaguestones % of all Leaguestones
Breach 6.41%
Perandus 6.11%
Nemesis 4.57%
Ambush 4.18%
Bloodlines 4.02%
Anarchy 3.75%
Beyond 3.46%
Essence 3.45%
Warbands 3.43%
Onslaught 3.21%
Invasion 3.12%
Domination 2.96%
Talisman 2.86%
Rampage 2.76%
Prophecy 2.53%
Torment 2.47%
Tempest 1.25%

Breach shows as a favourite, which in one way came as no surprise, as before Legacy it was our most popular league. Breach offers a large amount of challenging combat, extra monsters, and a chance at some great items. What did surprise us, however, is that it is the most popular league despite many players having just experienced a full 3 month league of Breach only weeks earlier.

Perandus is historically one of our more rewarding leagues, and, like Breach, offers more challenge as well as rewards. Despite Nemesis offering significantly more challenge than reward, the chance of a Headhunter unique item seems to have been overwhelmingly tempting for many players.

Magic Leaguestones offer both extra rewards and mechanical changes for many of the Leaguestone basetypes. Let's take a look at how the rankings change when these are factored in:

Magic Leaguestones % of all Leaguestones
Breach 3.45%
Perandus 3.30%
Ambush 2.89%
Nemesis 2.71%
Anarchy 2.67%
Bloodlines 2.44%
Warbands 2.41%
Essence 2.33%
Beyond 2.18%
Talisman 2.04%
Domination 2.03%
Invasion 2.02%
Torment 1.99%
Prophecy 1.98%
Rampage 1.93%
Onslaught 1.89%
Tempest 1.23%

While there are many similarities in this chart, there are also some notable differences. Ambush increases in popularity, as does Warbands. Onslaught is far more valued as a normal Leaguestone (the core bonus to item drops being what players value the most). Other notable differences in ranking are Torment and Talisman, both improving with mods.

Now let's take a look at the most popular specific magic Leaguestones:

Top 10 specific magic Leaguestones:

  • Thief's Nemesis Leaguestone of Abundance
  • Nemesis Leaguestone of Abundance
  • Ample Breach Leaguestone
  • Enduring Nemesis Leaguestone of Abundance
  • Thief's Nemesis Leaguestone
  • Torment Leaguestone of Wealth
  • Domination Leaguestone of Altars
  • Ample Ambush Leaguestone
  • Ample Essence Leaguestone
  • Exceptional Talisman Leaguestone

While Nemesis was behind both Breach and Perandus on the other charts, it takes both of the top spots, as well as a total of four of the top ten specific magic Leaguestones. The specific affixes here grant more rare monsters, really enhancing the value of the Leaguestone (and maybe giving more items, so more chance of Headhunter).

Not making the top 10 list, partially due to rarity (and being split three ways), but still making waves in their niches were the Warlord's Warbands Leaguestones of specific factions. Our favourite ones are the Yama's Prophecy Leaguestones, which can grant many prophecies at once. They were made very rare, but can be very rewarding.
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EDIT: Can we also get a list of most popular magic leaguestone mods relative to their respective drop rate?
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Breach OP
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Cool stats :D
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Breach <<3333
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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Still not impressed
Shockingly enough, leaguestones that offer a single event of significant value (Breach, Perandus) or upgrade an entire map's critters (Nemesis/Bloodlines) are more popular than leaguestones what the game already does anyways (add one exile. Add one silver coin. Add one strongbox...)

Oh how I miss my Prophecy league and silver exploding from my ears...but alas, no 'turbocharged' Prophecy leaguestones for me q_q...
Well, as expected Tempest is shit. 3 seconds of buff for wasting 4-5 seconds, who would have thought that only corrupting and magic find tempest will get used with that kind of crap mechanic.

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