Legacy League Statistics

Thanks for Statistics!

But so bad with Tempest... GGG pls buff Tempest!
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Would it be possible to show off the League specific Statistics like past league Statistic posts? cause it would be nice to see how much the Leaguestones affect each league in terms of the Magic Leaguestones causing certain events to trigger more often then others.
this just shows that breach must be include in core game sir.

We also need perandus coin and breach stone in currency tab sir.

good day sir.
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Idk why people are acting like breach isn't going to become part of the core game...
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I like statistics as much as the next guy, but honestly, this looks more like a ranking by return on investment than popularity. When you consider that Perandus coin drop rates were nerfed into the ground prior to that league ending and that the good items are still gated behind Cadiro himself, Breach is the obvious profitability winner. And then there's Nemesis, because who doesn't want a Headhunter?

On top of that, my experience has been that the drop rates seem wildly skewed towards Breach as well. Not only do I seem to get vastly more Breach leaguestone drops, I get more magic ones as well.

Actually, what I find amazing is that normal Perandus leaguestones are as popular as they are, despite being effectively useless. One normal Breach leaguestone is easily as profitable as two or three normal Perandus stones, so Perandus seems like the clear favorite to me.

For this to be a fair comparison, you'd need to publish the leaguestone drop rates (as others have suggested) and buff the coin drop rates to bring Perandus profitability in line with Breach. If that happened, I highly doubt Breach would hang onto the top spot.
Unsurprisingly Torment and Tempest are least popular. I wouldn't miss either if they just stopped being in the game at all.
i just hope that noone is surprised

breach (loot/xp), perandus (loot), headhunter.. who would have guessed

the tempest/torment/prophecy on the other hand.. tempests (except for the corrupting/magicfinding) are just annoying. i havent played that league so all these names and effects are cryptic to me and i just cannot stand this league. torment.. we already have torment in the game. current leaguestone implementation is bland and boring. same with prophecy. 'you get one extra coin'.. is that it? really?

breaches are profitable AND are somewhat fun (and total visual vomit with oversaturated chroma) - some other leaguestones (youll find them at the bottom) are just boring

and yes - it is a profitability contest (thats why magic talisman stones are so popular) because entire game quickly turned into profitability contest
Legacy for me is over and i think it got boring too quickly... the white Leaguestones are pretty lame and most of the good ones like ample breach are too rare or costly.
k.. keep me posted
pretty uninformative stats.
its a small margin from favorite to least favorite, so why bother with that info?

on a side note: reduce the need for micro-management, pls
- leaguestones
- prophecies
- sextants
- choose and roll maps
we spend increasing time in town/hideout micromanaging these chores, instead of fighting 'dem monsters.

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