3.X - Remaking the CI Brokenfinder Wander

datbabykilla wrote:
Hi, I'm another long time wand player struggling to find my place in 3.0. It is unbelievably depressing that you simply cannot make ES work anymore, but there is some hope right? Anyway, was hoping to pick your brain about a couple things.

How come no one's really talking about the new uniques and gems? Any of the yriel's seem BIS chest for life based, but the flat phys variant seems especially good.

Shields: increased spell damage, attack speed, elemental damage, and increased physical. Although, the dumbest part is Lycosidae might still be BIS for some.

Support gems: Damage on full life; 49% More. Okay this one really hurts because I've always despised PPAD, and now they drop this as they nerf CI to oblivion.

There's also maim support that gives more and increased damage, chance to bleed which gives flat phys and more damage, PPAD now gives more damage to bleeding and poison inflicted by projectile attack, vile toxins gives more damage per ailment, decay gives chaos and more damage.

I know assassin was nerfed hard as well but maybe physical poison barrage could be back?

Anyway. I'm eagerly awaiting some help from people like you, but I'll definitely be trying some ideas myself. I started Harbinger with an inquisitor bisco wander just for fun, but am starting to get the gear ready for a more serious wander.

Just picked this beauty up today and will be multimoding and diving soon:

also got my +2 barrage hubris ill be chancing for like the third league in a row. FML

My opinion is ES attack based builds are dead. Like you can make them and use them for clear speed, but reflect will be scary for most builds, and bossing will be a pain.
Life wanding does work though, and I highly suggest Toma_Hawk's guide (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1764075)

The new chests certainly are good, but for a crit-right side tree you really need life which is why I think Belly of the Beast is hard to beat. For general clear speed, Queen of the Forest is insane (and evasion based gear got buffed in 3.0 so more movement speed)

Poison (in my opinion) is also another dead mechanic and I wouldn't recommend building around it. There might be a few cases where its okay to grab, but I haven't seen any impressive numbers that make me think its worth building around yet. I still think going elemental with pen is the best. Whether phys -> ele or just pure ele depends on your budget
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