3.X - Remaking the CI Brokenfinder Wander

With the expected ES nerfs, GGG has pretty much killed ES-Attack based builds who used insta-leech. While I was prepared for the overall ES totals to be nerfed, I cannot imagine playing this without insta-leech. Maybe with the new Pantheon system it will be okay, but as of right now I do not plan on continuing this build. It was fun while it lasted, and wanding is still my favorite playstyle. I might try to make a life wander after 3.0 changes come out.

https://pastebin.com/R4cj6HHp <- My Life wander. 5m + without any charges up

Hello everyone!

With everyone else posting their wander setups recently I figured I would post mine as well. I have been running a wander since 2.0 or 2.1, and I am still making changes quite often (mainly to the tree now). This is so far the best setup balance between offence and defense for me, although it is really just personal preference and you can push the damage way higher if you would like too.

THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A BUDGET BUILD! I'm built around Leg. Vinktar + solid gear and I wouldn't recommend this if you can't afford atleast skyforth, a 6l, and a decent wand (either ele or phys; ele is much better for the cost)

*Check here for current setup*

Some updates - Reverse Chronologically (top is the most recent)

BadBuild wrote:
Been a little while, haven't made too many changes but there were a couple incase anyone follows or cares: 9.3k ES - 374k Barrage - 255k KB

-IAS Corrupt Choir (don't think I've updated that)
-IAS on gloves
-New Ring (not amazing, but I needed some more fire res without the res on gloves)
-Small change on passive, retook true strike; dropped quickstep + 8% ES node
-Only 53% Lightning Pen atm, I think its the best balance so far according to PoB


New Stats

instead of Pen gives more PoB damage. However stacking pen is still great for mapping for the mods "+xx monster light res" and EE


I've been messing around a bit. After some experimenting with PoB and talking with some people, mainly Philophil we pushed my PoB damage higher, although my tooltip is lower. I'm going to leave the original post the same though, because I may still revert back to that or something.

I now run a Diamond flask now instead of Atziri promise, dropped some crit on tree, and swapped a point for the 8% IAS bandit. Also dropped the 1 8% ES node. Dropped master surgeon for veteran bowyer (another 10% pen). Gear is still the same, swapped Lightning Pen for ICD now

Same Gear

New Damage

Less pen, more tooltip, more PoB damage

My original setup below


My Gear


For uniques, Crown of Eye's, Choir of the Storm and Skyforth are a must in this setup. Additionally, you can use Thunderfists to make a 5L for KB (more damage, less es/res). I feel like this is unnecessary but its personal preference.
Some other unique gloves you can use are Maligaro's, Facebreaker's, or Shadow and Dust.

For your wand, I focus high phys damage in combination with spell damage. My reason for going phys instead of pure lightning is that the node 'Tempest Blast' is really strong. It gives 30% of your physical damage as extra lightning damage. Also, the new Winter Spirit cluster by Ranger start lets me shatter without Hatred/HoI/Taste of Hate. However, you can run pure elemental damage and stack Spell damage/Weapon ele damage/Flat lightning/flat cold damage/flat fire damage for your prefix's.
Example Ele wand
Pure ele is a lot better on a budget, and a decent ele wand can still out dps a good phys wand when you go lowlife and stack aura's

For the rest of your gear, get your resistances capped and then focus lightning res as much as possible to increase your crit chance (Topaz = Diamond ring with Choir, 'double dips' for crit chance and overcapped of res in ee/curse maps, and tends to be cheaper for same stats), get any attributes you might need (mainly 1 high strength roll so that you have 96 str for empower 4), flat lightning, WED, ES% on rings, and on belt you can get Flask mods which are useful, but I wouldn't prioritize over a res or two if you need and then some accuracy either on rings/gloves. Attack speed on gloves is also is very good option

Some tips for crafting gear; Essences. Use Deafening of Torment to make some starter rings and Deafening of Wrath to make a serviceable wand

The enchants you want is ideally +2 Barrage on helm, followed by barrage IAS and damage.
The flat lightning damage on boots is best, although you can opt for an additional 10% pen. Both are good, but I believe the flat lightning is stronger for boss killing. Generic leech and movement speed are great for just mapping though.
For gloves, I don't bother with enchants because I run Fingerless gloves (spell damage implicit) and have no idea if there's a good enchant to go for.
If you run unique gloves, +1 gems (for aura's) or ele weak on hit is BiS


So I've gotten a lot of messages complaining about the fact that I use a legacy vinktars.. If you can, you should. Its stupid OP. I do understand that not everyone can afford it though, so if you don't own a legacy, get VP and Druidic Rite. Also, for longer boss fights you can sub your quicksilver for either an additional vinktar or Overflowing Chalice. Both works pretty damn well. Another option you can do is just drop some damage on tree (for me it'd be the scion multi) and get duelist leech wheel. Before I had legacy vinktars, thats what I did. 2% leech from duelist area lets you face tank shaper beam, etc. with no problem


Mods to Look for:
Energy shield/Res if you need, and then Proj damage/Spell damage/Spell damage while holding a shield (prioritize these), attack speed, attack speed with wands, attack speed while holding a shield, attack and cast speed, global crit multi. Prioritize Multi if possible


The main 5 are:

Although I swap around for
if I run a porcupine map or running hard T16 mods

Gem Links

These are not set in stone
6L - Barrage-WED-Added Lightning-Ele Focus-Slower proj-Lightning pen
4L - KB-Pierce-GMP-WED
4L - Enlighten-Empower-Wrath-Empower <- In a +1 gems item is a huge dps boost, but I dropped unique gloves for rare ES/Res

The rest of your gem links can be used however you want. I highly recommend fitting in Vaal haste and a Ice golem.

My Tree *outdated

Check top or my char page for new tree


Nature's Adrenaline -> Nature's Boon -> Master Alchemist -> Vetern Bowyer
Swap Veteran Bowyer for master surgeon for non leg vinktar or if you just dont feel comfortable playing without the flask charges gained back during boss fights


Point-IAS-Power Charge


Leveling as a wander is kinda annoying, so when I did it in breach to try a budget wander I used ele bows. Storm cloud then its upgraded version, the Tempest, which I took to merc dried lake until I hit 70 to swap over to most ES gear and level 20 gems for wanding. With Added lightning gem, wrath, and HoT you do decent damage. IIRC I used TS-GMP-Added Light-WED-FA-Pierce with a tabula and a drillneck and then some barrage setup to help on bosses but I felt mostly fine leveling like that. Just grab whatever life nodes you can (you get around 20 free respec points from the side quests) while you are doing all the traveling around the tree and then drop them for CI/Es nodes when you start to transition.

Once you get level'd a bit, here is the general tree I would recommend (101 Points)

You can add more ES as you need, or a +30 attribute node, etc. as this is just a base line. Also note that point blank probably isnt needed, but you can path over to duelist leech for non leg vinktars. Just remember to grab VP for non leg/duelist leech. Another thing is if you need help with mana sustain, we pass the essence sap cluster (above arrow dancing -> bottom right) which you can go a node or two into.

My stats *Outdated; check top of post*

Tooltip's are highly inaccurate of your actual damage however, I reach 262k Barrage and 219k GMP with my current setup. This does not factor in the fact that I have 95% lightning pen on barrage, the fact that I have point blank on tree along with a face-tank playstyle, and that the Choir makes critical strikes deal 50% increased lightning damage. It also doesn't factor in KB AoE overlaps or that barrage projectiles can all hit the same target (I have 9: 4 Base, 2 Helm, 3 Flask)

Defence(in merc)


Here is my YT Channel, although the videos may not be the best quality https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyMvkibSSJbAvsy90zcfdBA
There is all T16/Shaper/Uber Atziri/etc. recorded there, although they are from 2.5. I will work on eventually getting 2.6 videos up

Updated 2.6 Shaper

Other Wanders to look at

There are lots of other wander builds/setups popping up, however the main 2 I have seen or checked out are Philophil's Lowlife wander (not sure if he has a guide anywhere but I've mainly watched on youtube) and Toma_Hawk's Life based (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1764075)

Edit: Philo made his LL Thread -> https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1890084/page/1

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
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2.6 Shaper and Uber videos are up
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Is it ok to swap out choir of the storm for a carnage heart with +1 curse? This would let me run enfeeble
Samir316 wrote:
Is it ok to swap out choir of the storm for a carnage heart with +1 curse? This would let me run enfeeble

gz nice build man loving it.
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
gz nice build man loving it. Thx for the shoutout its good to see that there's ppl who are still smart in here.

Edit: someday ppl will catch up about how good choir really is
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
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philophil wrote:
gz nice build man loving it. Thx for the shoutout its good to see that there's ppl who are still smart in here.

Edit: someday ppl will catch up about how good choir really is

Haha np, and yeah. When i originally got my + Curse on in breach, I thought about throwing it on here although I wasn't sure how strong it would be. It wasn't until I seen that you had used it that I decided it was definitely worth using after breach had ended but I ended up not worrying about curses. Didn't really seem to help
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maybe a 8% attack speed corruption then, i mean some corruption are still good.
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
philophil wrote:
maybe a 8% attack speed corruption then, i mean some corruption are still good.

Yeah I probably should haha, was thinking about +1 frenzy since I use blood rage most of the time but idk, trading on standard is kinda aids atm with everyone in legacy
so true its sad :(
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens

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