2.6 LL ELE WanderFinder (saltywander)-500K Barrage- (Uatziri/shaper/guardian delete everything)!!!

LL ELE WanderFinder (saltywander)

For this build guide ill cover everything u need to know about LL wander.


To start this build use 3 different skill KB/Barrage/Vaal power siphon

KB: generally used for clearing map/trash mobs, tho this skill can be use to clear most map/boss including t15 map w/o any problem
Barrage: Only use this skill when u really have to like Uatziri/shaper/guardian
Vaal power siphon: This skill is mostly used to clear open maps when u encount a large pack or when u open a box


4L:empower/anger/HOT/enlighten (replace HOT by HOI if ur using a ele wand w/o a cold dmg roll)

enlighten/purity of elements/bloodmagic/vaal haste

Blood rage/empower/enhance/ice golem

3L: (shield link): wrath/discipline/empower

elemental weakness/hatred/enlighten (replaced hatred by haste if ur using a ELE wand)

6L:Vaal power siphon/kinetic blast/GMP/add lightning/inc crit dmg/WED

Barrage/slower proj/WED/add lightning/crit dmg/ele focus

On the KB/vaal power siphon u can remove vaal power siphon if u don't feel like using that skill n use phys to light gem if ur using a phys wand or use lightning pen
if ur using a elemental wand



For glove i recommend using rare sorcerer/fingerless glove because they are the base that will give u the most ES potential. Try to get 200ES+ with at least 1 or 2 res
the other roll for prefix can be flat phys or lightning dmg, for suffix either Attack speed or accuracy


For belt i recommend using a crystal belt base. Try to get WED+ES as prefixes and for the suffixes u can go for either strenght/res/Pen while using a flask
(pen mod on belt must be crafted by using essence)


U have to use skyforth for many reason stun/auras reservation/PC generation. For the enchant try to get either the Adds 1 to 160 Lightning Damage or the 10% to all element pen


Choir of The storm is a very good amulet n work really well with this build due to the flask that we are using (vinktar/Wise oak). This amulet greatly boost ur dmg n alow us to take very few crit node on the tree If u really want u can use another amulet but u will have to use a different tree because u will lose a ton of crit chance.

How Choir of the storm work: u get crit chance by the amount of lightning res u get so the more lightning res u have the more crit chance u gain this apply over the 75% cap to res


Crown of Eyes is really the best choice by far due to it special mod that make ur spell dmg work like increased Attack dmg (More dmg source tagged has spell won't be trasformed into More attack dmg, only work with INCREASED)

This helm allow us to get full benefit from the gear such has the implicit on wand n allow us for more good roll potential on jewel/wand and also it has some Accuracy Rating.
For the helm enchant +2 barrage is really the optimal one, if u don't want to pay the retard price for it i recommend chancing a +2 barrage hubris.


This build use Prism Guardian to allow it to stack has many auras has we can while still grabbing dmg node, i strongly recommend getting a +1lvl so it allow u to get wrath n discipline lvl 28 when u pair it with a empower 4. This shield has also a very useful +25% all RES.

Body armor:

Since this build is a LL build we have to use Shavronne's Wrapping, if u want to get the least trouble while farming guardian/shaper/Uatziri i recommend getting 2 6L so u just swap chest instead of manualy swapping gem. If u going for optimized gear try to get a +1lvl for ur barrage setup for more dmg and +1% max res for KB/Vaal power siphon setup for more survavibility vs reflect or even reflect map


For rings try to get at least 1 dmg mod on each such has WED or t1/t2 Flat lightning dmg, don't forget to craft %ES has the last prefix. For suffix try to get has much res has u can since this build use alot of unique, also try to get at least 1 t1 ACC roll accross all ur gear to have a decent hit chance. Also don't forget that this build need +70 strength on is gear otherwise u will have to waiste points on ur tree to grab that missing strength.

As base u want to use opal/diamond ring/Topaz ring (topaz are basicly diamond ring due to Choir of the storm unique mod)


Since we are using crown of eye Spell dmg is not a RIP roll to get so u should try to get some jewel that have those roll:

Spell dmg/spell dmg while holding a shield/ Global critical Strike multiplier/Projectile DMG/increase DMG/Attack speed with wands/attack speed while holding a shieldAttack speed/attack speed and cast speed/increased energy shield


For wands u mostly have 1 option unless ur playing STD n have enough currency to afford a mirror phys wand. Going for a Ele wand will 99% of the time be better for the investment.
Even a perfect ele wand would out dmg a perfect phys wand. And also if ur playing league phys wand are very hard to craft n a ele wand will nearly always be better n cheaper.
So for the wand u should look at wands with those roll: Spell/flat lightning/flat fire /flat cold/WED. Most of the time u will use a wand with 2 t1 prefix n multimod the last prefix and
craft Attack speed/Increased Critical Strike Chance.

This is a great exemple of a good ele wand that would be alot more wprth it in therm of investment.
If this wand would have t1 Crit/Multiplier, it would outperform Foe bite by 495K on total dmg vs shaper according to POB

If u going to use a ELE wand don't forget to take out tempest blast node on ur tree n to take anything that would give u dmg or ES depending on what u need the most. Also don't forget to swap hatred by haste has ive said in the Gem section, hatred won't give u any dmg compare to haste.

Don't forget to use a imbued wand as the base if ur crafting a wand.

Possible mirror worthy wand

Double t1 spell imbued wand only 1 in existance so far:

A good friend made it: Xtadar

This wand fully finish would give me 9.23M dmg vs shaper compare to the 8.05M with Foe Bite.
Heres the POB code:https://pastebin.com/CBMbW1j7



This is one of the Key of this build since its a great source of leech/dmg/ crit chance (due to Choir of the Storm). As anyone could guess having a legacy version is recommended.

Wise Oak:

This amazing flask got added in the game recently because..... flask are not op enough. Seriously this flask is pretty amazing it give us a 30% lightning penetration

Dying Sun:

This is also a very good flask that will greatly improve both ur clearspeed and ur single target by giving u 3 extra proj on ur barrage.

Diamond flask:

This flask is pretty simple this allow us to close the gap to reach near crit cap, so its a great dmg increase, also it's really important to roll the staunching mod since its the only source of anti-bleed.

Link to poe wiki for the mechanic:http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Diamond_Flask

Quicksilver flask:

This flask give us the movespeed that make this build enjoyable to map with, i also recommend to roll a Alchemist's/adrenaline roll for optimized movespeed


This build can only be played has pathfinder since this is mostly a flask build, need them to always be up since its the only source of leech and that the dmg get greatly increased with them.

For the ascendancy node u have to get: Nature's Adrenaline/Veteran bowyer/Nature'S Boon/Master Alchemist


This is my current tree (lvl97).

Tree for lvl 91.

Tree for lvl 94.

Tree for lvl 100.

Bandit are kill/Kraiten/Alira

Quick Barrage/boss mechanic:

For this build u have to get at melee range vs boss since we are using the point blank node (More dmg at melee range). Also don't worry about most map/ boss ive designed this build to be able to tank Uatziri flameblast/shaper melee/guardian dmg, has long has u have ur flask up u won't die n with the amount of dmg that this build have fight will never extend enough that u could rip due to too much dmg going on ( tho don't forget to avoid shaper slam/Uatziri double flameblast)

DMG/Tooltips warrior section:
For all of u POB fan of DMG, here's the POB code: https://pastebin.com/NBuZx8fq
should be at 8.05M dmg vs shaper (also don't forget to change the pen value on POB since it still doesn't factor the flask effect increase on it so u have to change that 5% for 8% pen)

tooltip in HO:

tooltip fully buff:

Map/map mod:
Adding this section in case ppl are asking about it. U should try to avoid ele reflect map, but u still can run them if ur using legacy vinktar and also if u take out Point blank node on ur tree.

AVOID/Cannot roll: Cannot Leech



updated gear Shaper run: https://youtu.be/P_0_G5-Nku0

Shaper with a White wand:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g9FmU9AvSA

Uatziri (old ele wander):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRKc5MDmQ78

Atziri (whiteweapon+auto attack): https://youtu.be/eNFnKE1lSNg



Minotaur(old ele wander before wise oak):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Es20b6f5f0


Ill keep updating this video section with new video

For a CI variant i sugguest that u look at Badbuild build guide:
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Ty Pan for all ur help at sharing n helping me optimize this wander!
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
why dont you use +1 gloves though and link your aura gems there?
"You have great power. You're right to be proud. It's unfortunate you have to die now, but I will honor you with 45% of my strength."
i tought about it but getting +1 lvl glove with same roll is ...... but yes i know it would be a nice dmg boost i think beside better ring that would be my next upgrade.

Not that i didn't tried:( this is my best result so far

Beside there's really nothing great available on poe trade :(
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
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Thanks for making the post. I've been enjoying this build a lot, the clearspeed is nice and it can do everything.

One difference I have in my build is that is I spent three points to grab the Life and Mana Leech node. It helps a lot when the Vinktar runs out.

In addition I also wanted to add that this build works great for solo magic find too. It can easily fit in Item Quantity in the Kenetic Blast, Biscos in the amulet, and a legacy Sadima's Touch. It probably is the fastest solo magic find build, considering all of the vaal-skill builds slow down a lot when they need to pick things up.
thx for those nice info about MF, and sry if it took me that long to come out with a build guide and that ppl only had my profile (sometime private) and video has place to get info for that specific build.

Btw nice 250% legacy shav !!!!!!
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
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Hey is this a budget guide??? If I have twyzel wand is this same dps?
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hmmm maybe u can do it with a 30c budget ;)
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens

gg stuff as always

Been very impressed with the numbers I've seen
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