Developer Q&A - Answers Part 2

maybe give us some answers about the game crashes and big connection problems?..............
Add durability and the game will die xD
Do you plan to add something like action house in the future . For me use other sites and scroll in chat is not much good option .
FATALIS92 wrote:
Add durability and the game will die xD

Maybe items lose quality % over time and you have to reapply grindstones/scraps to keep them up. Would put a sink on that currency if it were considered necessary.
"Into the Labyrinth!
left step, right step, step step, left left.
Into the Labyrinth!"
Some things like ... durability might make a showing

Just no.
For the love of god, no.
elwindakos wrote:
cipher_nemo wrote:
Round 2 and still GGG avoids the Auction House question, or at least functionality in the client. Very lame.

You clearly can't read...Pretty obvious by the post that no ah in client might be a possibility they might reveal later on

No, you can't comprehend. They avoided the question by giving excuses as to why making trade easier would be bad for the game and economy. They didn't say "yes", "no", or heck, even "may be". They don't have a plan, nor do they have a clue.

Instead of admitting they could do their own in the client, then referred to as a problem, or specifically a "crisis" for the game. Seriously? GGG doesn't know how to fix their trade issue. There are always solutions, but when a designer has to say "making trade easier would be bad for the game", there is something seriously flawed there.

GGG has no clue how to balance item rarity in the game, no clue how to balance the economy, and they'd been stubborn about implementing an AH, so they painted themselves into a corner. It's their fault. So they helped to support and encourage, but at the same time wish it never existing? GGG is in conflict thanks to their poor choices that led up to this. So they avoid the question. Again.
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Thanks Chris! Great read, as always.

Like durability in Diablo 2&3?

That'd suck man. Why would you even consider something like that?

So now we have to take yet another type of currency with us besides scrolls in our inventory, further decreasing the free space for loot?

I hope it never makes into PoE.
Awesome to see that you guys do not want to make trading too easy. I do have to ask though, to allow people to trade without being in eachother's party and/or hideout.

Durability in my book is a HUGE no no! This is one of the worst things in any game ever.

Can't wait to see what the new minion improvements are, I'm really hoping that zombies will actually become good. As now most attacks kill fully linked +2 20% zombies in 1-hit(especially on bosses). Without using the 1h 5000hp/half amount of zombies mace, there is no way to have zombies stay alive(havent tried it, but for here I'll just assume it works).

You are talking about maybe removing movement skills from the skillbar and having them somewhere else... Can I ask for you guys to include convocation in the movement skill category if this were to ever happen.

The labyrinth and having the ascendancy points behind it is in my opinion not a bad thing. Power like that being gated behind a 15 minute trip isn't a bad thing. It also allows a person to test their character and skills. So far I've always been able to make it to the end solo, on any character in any difficulty. Sometimes after dying a few times, and then upgrading/improving what needed to be improved. Overall, I feel the labyrinth and the ascendancy points placed there are a good thing. However, I would like to ask to allow a disconnect to not reset the labyrinth, but instead to allow a person to continue where they were.

Thanks for the answers!

PS: Keep up the good work you guys are doing with all the awesome looking new microtransactions lately. Really wish I was rich, just to support you guys!
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Have you given serious thought to providing people who don't like Labyrinth-style content options to play the rest of the game without going through the content they do not enjoy? Is there some reason it's not being done? Is there any chance it might happen in the future?

This is discussed occasionally but there are no plans to change it in 3.0.0. We're worried about the slippery slope of players wanting the rewards from a system without engaging in that system (although we do understand that Ascendancy classes have been so successful that they are no longer considered rewards but instead intrinsic parts of your character). I am sure we will continue to discuss this and related topics.


Labyrinth and trials are the single most annoying thing in this game. They *REALLY* have to go.

Please for the love of god Chris, remove this shit from the game.

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