Developer Q&A - Answers Part 2

When will we be able to organize the MTX tab?

This is all fixed in 3.0.0 by removing the tab.

GitGud, GitNerfed, Repeat.
With all the talk of trade improvements over the years but very little concrete to show for it, it's clear that GGG wants to take steps, but is being held up by various concerns. What actual goals and restrictions are you guys working with in your efforts toward improving trade? Are there concerns that these goals are even attainable?

Being able to trade items is critical to the success of an Action RPG. This is why Path of Exile has no item binding and why SSF items can become regular items with the click of a button.

Sorry to say, but this sentence does not make sense buddy. ;)

You mention how you feel that trading is important to an ARPG and later mentioned, that you balance the game with that in mind, so that non traders miss out and have it harder.

At the same time, you don´t even offer us a system to actually get involved in trading... This is a contradiction don´t you think?

If trading is so important for you, then why not offer it to every player? Right now, we must go to a third party website and buy premium tabs, to get involved, which is very problematic and limits trading to a few elite players, while everyone else plays Bingo with the lack of valuable drops.

Why not offer a vendor in game, where each player can make 5 trades a week, while being limited to list five as well. Make having finished Act 10 a mandatory criteria to unlock trading and of course we are talking of five trades per account!

It would automatically remove the bots and flippers from the economy, while giving everyone access to the as you called it "critical feature" of an ARPG.
Item pricing becomes more skewed towards only very-cheap and very-expensive. Items either become trivially cheap or unaffordable. If you have ever felt that it's going to take too many 1-alch sales to finally save up for that 80 exalt item you want, then this is the reason.

This statement hits the nail on the head. All of these people complaining about trade improvements seem to completely gloss this over. The simple addition of the public trade tabs in the inventory dropped the selling price of lifesprig from 5c to 2c (on hc). Thats a 50% price cut making it even harder to hoard currency in order to buy that one special item. Market item saturation was a huge issue in d3 and one of the reasons I switched over to POE back in closed beta. Every trade "improvement" or "quality of life" change has caused the devaluation of lower level items. The main reason I play hc only is because lower level items retain (some) sales value which means you hit less of a wall in the later stages of the game when you want to upgrade your gear.

I won't say that trade should be painful or limited but I am very glad that GGG isn't taking a knee jerk approach to this problem. There are plenty of changes that are reasonable and I hope to see in the future.

As far as the "reliance on a 3rd party" argument goes, I would counter with the Wiki. EVERYONE uses the wiki in order to play this game. Do you think GGG should stop relying on a 3rd party database and spend the time creating an encyclopedia of POE instead of creating new content? is well vetted and well produced so why spend all that time recreating it ingame? I haven't talked to xyz about his profit margin but if he can afford to run the servers based on ads then I would assume he is in for a loss if he were to shut down his site. Decentralized models tend to work well for economies and also tend to balance themselves out quite well, so when GGG starts meddling with it there could be some pretty harsh consequences.
Can't say I'm happy that our MTX won't carry into the Xbox version. I assume this means guilds and our stuff there won't cross over either.
This is good qanda.

Thank You for that.
Chris wrote:
The gap between traders and non-traders widens. This gap is apparent when you see feedback that the game is too hard for some people and too easy for others. Most of the time, that is proportionate to how much they have traded.

With in game trading, there is no "gap" because the person, clearly informed of trading availability at this point, is CHOOSING not to trade.

Chris wrote:
Item pricing becomes more skewed towards only very-cheap and very-expensive. Items either become trivially cheap or unaffordable. If you have ever felt that it's going to take too many 1-alch sales to finally save up for that 80 exalt item you want, then this is the reason.

You must be God, to know exactly how people will price every single item (ok, good, better, great, amazing) to know these will be lumped into two categories of "very-cheap" and "very-expensive."
I find this excuse naive and lazy.

Chris wrote:
Progression is trivialised. While trading for an item to get a leg up on difficult content is of course fine, being able to trivially and cheaply quadruple your clear speed on a whim isn't something that should be expected on your first character in a league. In addition, the fewer item upgrades you make on a character before capping out your items, the lower chance you have of sticking around for a decent portion of the league. Upgrading items more times (in smaller steps) is more fun than jumping right to the perfect gear.

Honestly, quadrupling clear speed isn't much of a stretch. As the first character of a league is basically SSF for a while, getting actual upgrades by playing the game is unlikely, hell, even identifying every single rare item you find for upgrades will likely result in having no wisdom scrolls and no upgrades. So quadrupling shit clear speed becomes quite easy with a single trade. Do you even play PoE? I would agree gear upgrades in increments is a plus, however, bringing player retention into that statement is misplaced in my opinion. WHY the barrier when character progression is not just about what items are equipped, what about passive tree? skill choice? Character Level? The item system seems to solve the issue you bring up, as there is a level requirement for items, and a level 1 cant wear the best items, so what does it matter if a player wants to buy an item instantly to help them progress, they will replace it later when they get higher level.

Chris wrote:
The existing community tools (combined with our public stash tab API) already put us pretty far down this spectrum, compared to the old days of trade chat. We already view this as a crisis. That is why we are hesitant to add more convenience features.

You say convenience, as if it should be inconvenient to trade. Please, let that sink in. Community tools make the system bearable, barely. Crisis? You really have a way with words. Consider this: how many people would play POE without xyz provides a much needed service, to the best of his ability, and you consider this a crisis. There is no other way to describe this than "fucking brutal dude"

Chris wrote:
I know this explanation doesn't mention any solutions, but the things we're experimenting with aren't ready yet. Thanks for your patience.

I do not wish to be harsh or rude, but this topic never gets resolved. I mean, how long did it take to prepare the trade "answer" you provided? I'm sure many appreciate the thought of things you are experimenting with, but is it just another hallow promise to bait a few more $ out of people until they get fed up? People are here giving feedback on a subject, yes of course because they want it. If we didn't care we wouldn't bother giving feedback. People want to be able to trade, and be satisfied with the trading experience, not infuriated by it.
Life will be technically better Soon TM
There are always some nasty guys say something about "lab is good for checking the build, or you cannot beat down guardians and shaper".
Lol, without desyc and crush, or the problem with life+VP/evade build, lab may be much better than it is now. However, it does NOT!

#love lab, hate troll
People who don't like the Labyrinth are not a minority: Be heard - say you don't like it in your signature. Don't leave complaining about lab to others - GGG needs to see how many people dislike it. Ascendancy must be gated on true ARPG content, not a poorly-crafted internet Legend of Zelda wannabe.
Why can't we control+click to guild stash? Why can't we move guild stash tabs around, like we do with personal stash? (at least for guild leaders)

Simply because these haven't been implemented yet. They're things we'd like to get in but rely on senior people finishing with other urgent tasks. It is surprisingly difficult to implement due to the security model of the stashes.

You guys make too many new stuff. At that point, after so many years, I think you should cut 25% of your total staff and make them finish what is not. Like, I'm sure some unique alternate art items are not done yet lol and they are soooo old. I understand that you guys can make more money by doing new stuff because you keep your player base that way but some stuff in your game, such as that guild stash are very overdue seriously... And personnally, I was sure you guys would make an entire expansion only for the guilds and you made nothing yet and with that 3.0 approching, look like you are not planning anything lol... There is soooo many things you could do such as guild daily quest, guild pvp tornaments, a little more rarity/quantity while playing with guild members, a cuttrut (I have a blank, I dont remember how you were calling this in english [the "open" pvp you tried time to time]) with ennemy guilds and/or faction (with many guilds inside) (if the leaders of the guild allow this option [we should be able to enter an ennemy map they made in their hideout to be fully functionnal tho]) and many other ideas I'm too lazy to write now.

When you started working in the passive tree, how did come to your minds passives like Avatar of Fire, Blood Magic, Eldritch Battery or Chaos Inoculation? What's the process behind thinking how these kind of passives will/would work in the game? I mean, e.g it is not like I'd say "hey, let's add something that makes ES protect Mana just because" There must be something that made you believe that it is important that this passive should be in the tree, so why and how do you know what is needed or not. They are mechanically different to any other and they are really cool to play with. I believe that there are also other 'complicated' passives like these that didn't make it to the final tree, can you please let us know about them and also if it possible that you might add new nodes in the future? Thanks in advance.

We don't have firm plans to add more currently but would like to in the future if we think of any that fit well.

Suggestion for one that just crossed my mind : why not one that would exchange your armour for evasion and your evasion for armour instead of iron reflex ? OR make both of them at 2 different spots in the tree ? maxing out evasion is not that op if we die from a single hit :p Why not one for energy shield to hp less 25% or 50% ? Why not some weird ones such as maybe all gems cant go higher lv than 10 or 15 but has bonuses such as more attack speed or more dmg or more aoe ? mmhhh maybe one giving 100% rarity and 25% quantity but you cannot use unique items ? There is so many things we can do :P

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