Developer Q&A - Answers Part 2

Disappointed about the answers of my biggest concerns: Lab and Trading.

My suggestion for lab rewards and ascendancy points: Let the player ascend after defeating Act endgame bosses, e.g. after act 3,7,10. For the remaining two points the character still needs to beat uber izaro. This would make the lab more of a endgame content only, but i think most of the players will be fine with this. The requirement to complete the lab to ascend does not feel very good integrated into the leveling process. Because of its difficulty, a lot of people are skipping the lab first and complete it later when they are overleveled.

When it comes to the lab enchantments, i would be happy to see them as a reward for completing trials. This would make the trials more rewarding and the possibility to grab an useful enchant will increase.
Again very informative lecture. BTW we have gold in this game :)
Thx for the answers. So maybe we'll get mercenaries and durability? Interesting...
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i would very much prefer an AH or some kind of hideout shops then what it is now, but im still fine as it is. but saying that trade is too easy? defuq, isnt GGG reading redit all the time? arent thhere enough posts about shitty trading interactions, scamming, AFKers and that shit? makes me wonder...
>Would you consider allowing ignore lists to be longer?

Absolutely. It's entirely a technical issue on our side where we need to make sure the realm infrastructure is happy with us sending the longer lists around. It's probably fine, but good to test extensively before doing so. There are other improvements we need to make to ignore lists as well, like allowing you to view/edit them.
Or you could, you know, make ignore list (optionally)local.
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
Fist, sorry for my terrible English, i am not a native English Speaker.

The LAB:

I think there is a good way to improve that exp:

Normal: Kill Izaro ones
Cruel: Do it twice
Merciless: do it like now
4th time: Kill him 4 times, maybe with a stronger Version with full Life at the End.

So it gets Harder as you progress trough the Game, but way less annoing. But jeah.. with the release of 3.0 this idea does not work anymore... maybe in an other way but without the 3 Difficulties.

AH in Poe:

An improved way of traiding is realy something that Needs to happen. Why not adding a NPC to your hideout that offers an Interface like as an example. The problem with afk, non responding sellers, still needs be adressed. Maybe with a reward for sellers in form of Points or a ranking system. As an example, you could use this Points, to improve your shop or whatever. :-)Just an idea.

Anyway... this game is absolutly great and when this two Things get improved, it could be the best game of all time for me.

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Thanks for all these interresting answers !!

Waiting for Part 3 now :)
ty for Reading, but:

Only 1-Q!

- When and where i can see Dps Zombie, Spectres, Golems and srs ...?

Is this really a problem, guys?

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(About the gems offered by Siosa:)
We don't regret it - it was already trivialised by trade, which was something that wasn't available for SSF characters. There's too much class lock-in if you have to find entirely wild gems for off-class skills (it would drive people to level another character just to claim a quest reward, which isn't a fun emergent behaviour).

I think the main issue comes from the difference between active and support gems (with additional diversation between 'real' attacking skills and "active supports"):
While (most) of your main active skills (attacks and spells) could (and should) be defining for your class (at least to some major degree), most support gems have a very wide use on nearly any skill. (like Duration, Area, additional damages...). This could be easily parted as solution.
With specific active gems its much more difficult, the main skill of a specific build/class (like: trapper) could be a 'secondary' support for a different class. So, this has to be taken slightly differently compared to support gems (if changed)

From this, the closest way to solve it, would be to split that three gem 'groups' between different vendors (in 3.0):
If I expect that the last initial gem reward will happen before Malachai, somewhere between this two events a (new) vendor should/could offer all support gems to you.
Another vendor in A5/Oriath could then offer the full set of active gems that are defined for your class, and finally Nessa in act 6 (or her equivalent then) could sell you all other active gems (if desired to do so, and obviously excluding the droponlys)
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Astealoth wrote:
Ascendancy classes should not be tied to the labyrinth. This content is really unfun and uninteresting. Locking core progression in there is asinine at best. I am extremely disappointed that this is not being addressed. I would rather see ascendancy class progress integrated into the core game than new acts or anything else. The current setup with the labyrinth would be like making it so you could only earn XP for a certain range in vaal side areas. Frankly I think even that would be better since that content is comparatively much more interesting.

There is no slippery slope to worry about here, how often do you plan to hide skill tree nodes in horrible side content? Asking GGG to not do that and to rectify the one time it was done in the past is not a slippery slope to fall down, but a mountain of stubbornness you've asked us to climb.

Linking sockets should not be tied to fusings. Grinding fusings is really unfun and uninsteresting. without that fusings you lock core progression of a character. i am extremly disappointed that it is not being adressed. i would rather see 6linking for free instead of putting effort into it.
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