[2.6] IMMORTAL MF GOLEMS - Shaper / Uber / ALL Guardians *WHILE DEAD*

Collide3011 wrote:
Thanks for this build! Been really enjoying it, here's what I'm currently wearing;

And the favorite part of this build was killing Shaper at lvl75 http://imgur.com/hARbVeR

The gear is really nice man, the shield helps both cap res and add to the es pool.

Shaper stood no chance at lv41 xD
styyled wrote:

The gear is really nice man, the shield helps both cap res and add to the es pool.

Shaper stood no chance at lv41 xD

I got super lucky with the chest, I got it as a drop with this build from my 3rd Hydra kill. Safe to say it's so far been worth it, still in two minds about using a Skin of the loyal with +2 and an Empower lvl 4 though, hard to decide due to lack of GGG information for minions
[3.12] Lab runner build - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2972868
Ulab guide for noobs (Old but Gold) - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2055995

these links make maps even more lazy lol. i have 18 mana to convocate and never cast anything else. using temp chains atm b/c im farming 4 sextant 100quant strands leveling. it also makes breaches a good bit easier. pretty neat.

i cant tell which is better for breaches. 6 flame, ice+lightning +4 flame. empower vs pen vs another dmg gem vs maybe inc aoe/faster casting or something. they kill most of the high density breaches but i cant full clear (compared to something like vspark). also not sure how important getting another gem slot is vs curse effectiveness. conduit seems like it would be neat if that could somehow fit in build for maps, but dunno how to get charges w/o killing stuff.

high density breaches to me feel like they need higher dmg on their short range attack or a way to stay at range vs boss/rare mobs. dunno how to accomplish that. they destroy everything with the gmp fireball attack, but struggle some up close.

i havent tried anger+generosity after getting my gems upgraded. i'll try that and see if they clear the breaches.

i'll find a way to get cull + rarity on lightning/ice golem. thats nice.
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I'm so happy I bought all my Golem jewels over the weekend, they're getting ridiculously expensive now.

Oh well.


Convocate CD enchant is amazing for certain maps (and breach domains) since there are plenty of doorways and other things that golems sort of fail at shooting through.

Amazingly fun build, I just wish Goldwyrm had more movement speed!
how you get the Divination Distillate Large Hybrid Flask working??

dont you have to loose life before you can use it..dont get it :P
Just curious how you would build this with a +4Empower and Skin of the Loyal?
Lol all the Harmonies on poe trade has jumped from 10-15 to 25+ now except for the offline people. Glad I jumped on 10 of them before now!!
I'm struggling a lot at the early levels. I just want to get to level 41 so I can use my clayshapers. Can someone help me out and tell me which gem setup to use until then? I know the OP said to use firestorm in trapper boots but it didn't work out for me.
use firestorm trap or just flame totem + any aoe skill ull get to 41 in like no time and remeber to take strenght path or wear str u need like 131 to wear clay's
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Build is doing great so far. But i combined my lazyness with this build and this came out. Now i am enjoying playing this character only with my mouse.
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