[2.6] IMMORTAL MF GOLEMS - Shaper / Uber / ALL Guardians *WHILE DEAD*

With the authors permission, I will gladly try updating this.
Does it still work when you go full iir/iiq for high maps as life build while using aurseize, embrace greece, perandus belt and goldwyrm?
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juejue1986 wrote:
metat0r0 wrote:
is this build still playable or?

Yes it is. It may need some small tweaks, it will be extremely fragile, but it still works.

so i check my standard elementalist, thank you.
after all those years, i hope to do all the content that i still miss :)
Any news with this and 3.0?
foster21 wrote:
Any news with this and 3.0?

Nop, thread maker wanted to update it, but still no answer, I guess he is busy with real life :)

Some people here are still using this build with some changes like going for life/es, but mostly without mf. I hope someone is going to update this build for mf soon.

If you wanna know more about how people play the build now you can check the 5 last thread sites (105-110).
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I'm wondering what the current state of golems is in 3.0, meta-wise. I am building a witch right now, and actually purchased most of the jewels needed, made my Anima Stone, etc. I'm level 32, but have no stat points allocated yet (lol) because I can't decide on a golem build flavour! I have to say that I am extremely excited to be getting started on a golemancer in general, it looks extremely fun, powerful, and the golems are just so darn... cute.

That having been said, there doesn't seem to be a golemancer "most popular" as far as I can tell. Rather, there are several different approaches, each with its own ardent (and pretty vocal) following. I see people advocate the builds based on qualitative observations primarily; while actual hard theorycrafting seems thin/sparse. While I have played with PoB and similar tools a little bit, this is technically my first time ever even entering the late/endgame stage (with the archer I used to finance the purchase of this golemancer setup gear), so I feel I simply don't have the depth or breadth of PoE knowledge to personally design an effective build.

Some actual theorycraft numbers that I have come across seem to show that, while stacking Primordial Harmony jewels, a 4(flame)+1+1 golem set up leverages the most benefit mathematically. (thanks tomatopotato):

tomatopotato wrote:
Hey, thanks for testing and showing an example of Life/Mom Golems. Looking forward to seeing you progress :)

I think you might get slightly more damage with a 4.1.1 setup though, as well as increased safety if you went with an Ice Golem (spreading chilled ground).

Rough calculation of "increased minion/golem damage" vs. golem type:
(should be correct; let me know if I'm off)

For 6 Golems
G=(1.00 + 0.70 + 0.30)B
(1.00 is your base "increased minion damage")
(0.70 is your total Harmony bonus)
(0.30 is 30% bonus from tree)
This gives you total damage of 12.00 times your base.
D=6x2.00B >>> factor of 12.00

For 5.1 Golems
G=(1.00 + 1.40 + 0.30)B
D=5x2.70B >>> factor of 13.50

For 4.1.1 Golems
G=(1.00 + 2.10 + 0.30)B
D=4x3.40B >>> factor of 13.60

For Golems
G=(1.00 + 2.80 + 0.30)B
D=3x4.10B >>> factor of 12.10

For Golems
G=(1.00 + 3.50 + 0.30)B
D=2x4.80B >>> factor of 9.60

These calculations assume your sub-golems contribute zero damage. The gap obviously widens if you factor them in as well. and are just theoretical. Limited gem slots make them rather impractical, though I think it would be fun to see somebody dedicate all their gem links to individual golems :P

I've done some other (hopefully not incorrect) sample calculations for fully fleshed-out builds here if you're curious.

For this reason, I am leaning toward a 4+1+1 Elementalist, yet counterpoints remain:

e.g. along the lines of "pentagolem (flame) has better clearspeed for maps in general because the way they saturate with their (+GMP) attacks, and the and survivability derived from 4+1+1 is necessary only on the toughest bosses, for which there are very strong boss-centric builds available elsewhere."

...And the debate doesn't stop there. Setups like cursing with Ball Lightning (2 curse, 3 curse), using a totem, proccing EE, Heretic's Veil, full ES and CI, Hybrid ES, life-based, Fire Pen vs. Empower (hot button issue), chaos golems for boss-killing, and even ditching a Clayshaper in favor of a shield (like Victario's Charity).

I have explored such threads as:

I feel like I have learned a bit, yet am no closer to being able to make a decision. And that's why I haven't spent a single point (I need to now, though).

>What are your fellow golemancer thoughts on the matter?
even if i lowered iiq and iir due to gear change, i keep dying at 81...
it's so hard to roam, kite mobs and let my 6 golems kill them.
(i use firex3, stone, ice and lightning golem)
metat0r0 wrote:
even if i lowered iiq and iir due to gear change, i keep dying at 81...
it's so hard to roam, kite mobs and let my 6 golems kill them.
(i use firex3, stone, ice and lightning golem)

What are your items? Maybe you could go for Mind over matter (it got a buff), it is working for some people.
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my character is BeePhana if you like to check gear, honestly i have so much mana reserved for 2 auras (discipline and anger) so i can't benefit from mind over matter.
reached lv83 rolling t5-t11 maps modded with alchemy orbs, i could have been lv84 if i played smarter, sometimes i detonate due to lack of reflexes, sometimes for lagspikes.
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Is the Golem Melee attack a channeled Incinerate?
If yes, might it be worth it to run the new "Unschattered WilL" shield with necromantic aegis for more dmg?

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