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Once 3.0 drops, what's going to happen to the Achievements for beating Cruel and Merciless?
two questions i have!

is minion AI being looked into to make them slightly less dumb (ie, attacking an allies cannot die rare mob instead of the immmortal others)? (also as a sidenote: spectre rework: when?)

and is GGG working on some form of an ingame alternative to cuz while useful, there's a lot of people abusing the system to "fix" prices and it's getting silly now.
oh hey forum sig, been forever since i screwed with one of these...
When will this game be released on xbox an estimated date or month would be amazing
What kinds of performance improvements can we look forward to in 3.0? All the new content is very exciting but will be disappointing if the game's performance prevents some of us from enjoying the new content. For example, I have to play on the DX9 client due to me having to turn shadows off and no one is able to do anything about particles. In general the game has a striking lack of graphics options compared to other games these days. I would love to see that changed with 3.0 as this, along with a few other things, make the game feel a bit dated.

Thank you for your time.
-Will Act 10 Have an in-town map device that allows for more public map parties again? A negative side effect of hideouts is that they have taken away a lot of public map making and playing.

-Will characters ever be able to be sorted on the character selection screen? At least by level?

-Can't wait for 10 Acts!
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Will you fix the camera angle? Are you planing to fundamentally improve graphic engine so it would look more like something out of UE4?
If you guys at GGG play PoE in your off-time from the office, what are your favorite skills to play?
Does anyone in the office play on Standard/Hardcore or do you guys always jump to the temp leagues?
I know this may be far in the future, but do you guys plan on eventually making an offline version of the game once you guys move on to the next game and aren't able to devote resources to maintaining servers and such so that the game can be preserved forever and played years from now like Diablo 2. (I know many of us still play D2...including Chris.)
In 2.6 We've seen some major improvements on underused/underpowered clusters on the skilltree like celerity or master of force, can we expect anything similar for 3.0 for clusters like claws of the magpie or fingers of frost?
Can you please relay any information regarding Summon Spectres, and other summoner quality of life mechanics?

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