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What is your favourite comfort food and do you have a recipe for it?
Has the development team ever thought of creating new types of skill gems such as Shape-shifting? And is it a possibility of something coming in the near future?
Are there any plans to make spells like spark and cyclone feel ''smoother'' by not being easily blocked by terrain etc?
Trading improvements, when, what?
You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
Will talisman league ever get a mechanic buff? They are the least rewarding league ever. Only way to get a tier2 monster is if you have that mod on your talisman stone...You need five different same tier talismans and the God help you if you continously recieve the same tier 2 from stone altar
Will you guys remove the exp in chayula's domain ( breachstone ) since its pretty unfair for top 10 pushers if 1 group got someone that is buying splinters all the time

exp gain is to much

In comparison to uber atziri its simply broken

u can do mass profit / give the top ladder grp insane exp if some controlls the chayula splinter market, would be really cool if u find a fix for that problem, since its unfair for the rest of the top 10 not having that insane bonus
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1. Any plan flame golem graphic gonna be optimized?

FPS sunk badly when party with summoner with multiple flame golem. (primordial jewel build)

2. Will there be beta phase for oriath update? if it does, when it will be? and what will happen to the character on it? does it treated as league character? (back to standard when beta ends) or got deleted completely?

3. New physical to cold damage conversion node prove to be a big boost dps upgrade, does fire and lighting version will be released in 3.0?
is eu serwers gonna be fixed ? i already died 5 times cause of fck freeze
Are the technical values of the 'Bandit' rewards going to change in 3.0 (eg changing them all to passive points), or will they be the same bonuses attached to different quests?

On the same topic, will the 'All Ears' achievement still require getting all the bandit dialogue (seemingly requiring a lot of regrets if we aren't going to be able to repeat the quest)?
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It's been going on two years since I had a wonderful exchange of emails with Rory about Spectres and potential mechanics for improving them. Any chances we'll be seeing any of them sometime soon?

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