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Have you ever considered make lab enchantments be a drop that can be applied later?
Will you improve animation of wings? Will old microtransactions ever be beautified?
Have you ever considered doing a flashback league, going back to the closed beta times? Times where 61 was endgame, with 2 acts and 4 difficulties, as well as the old passive tree. I think it would be an interesting way to show how game has changed throughout the years, as well as giving some good ol' memories for the veterans of this game.
Animate Guardian needs immediate reinforcement.
Big fan from Philippines here :D I was just hoping for a server here in Philippines because playing in Singapore realm is quite laggy and a bit delayed. Is there any chance that there will be a server for Philippines?
Hi,GGG, there is a few question i want to ask long time ago,

1)Everytime the passive tree get adjusted, we'll have to relocate all of our skill point. So I hope there is a system that will remind us which path or which point we have taken after it reset, like make those point or trial shining or something like that. You know it is really a pain in the ass if we need to relocate every point of each character everytime you adjust the tree, especially those who above level 90. And sometime it will completely ruin the build we spend so much time if we mistake some certain point as we cant remember them perfectly. Will you consider it in the future update ?

2)Are you planning to expand the passive tree, adding more point and make it larger ? Because there is still a large amount of empty space around all corner.

3)Have you ever consider release a guide book of the game ? With full detail of the game mechanics, back story, characters, concept art, monster data, skills data, calculations etc.

Thank you
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Has GGG considered making some crafted mods (like Hits Cannot Be Evaded, Attack Projectiles Return to You) have an extremely small chance of naturally occurring on Magic and Rare items found in the wild or crafted from Transmutes/Alteration/Alch/Chaos?
Will there be any consideration of some for of color blind mode? Being color blind the loot text colors are very difficult to read at times.
Do you plan to make a maps stash tab? And if the answer is anything other than "No, absolutely never", what would be the price?

I plan to purchase a beta supporter pack, and will save points for that stash tab... even if I have to wait a year.
Can u guys please give those Wing mtx the right to do what they are made to do: FLY !!! Yeah, can u please add the Flying animation to this game? That must be crazy freaking awsome !...Btw, waiting for the Butterfly fairy Wing ;)
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