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I have seen 'Custom leagues' made by small communities, and friends has been addressed, but do you have any exact timeline for this? I wonder, if it will be introduced with content update 3.0 (Fall of Oriath)?

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If you were forced to remove one Skill Gem, one Support Gem, and one Unique item from the game, what would they be and why?
Since cyclone will be fix in 3.0 ... Will there be another mechanic fix for Dominating Blow skill too especially with bloodlines mob? Is still too deadly to play with =(
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Will there be any major changes/overhauls to traps and mines in 3.0? There is a reason they aren't very popular and it's because of the clunkyness, no leech, etc. Are you planning to address that?
Also, the dedicated Trapper/Miner ascendancy, the Saboteur, has some flaws as well. The Bomb Specialist Cluster is absolutely great - it's immersive, it really improves the QoL of Trapper and miner builds and overall just feels very rewarding. After that, however, your options are pretty mediocre. Why the Blind stuff? There really should be more awesome stuff for Trappers/miners in the vein of what the Bomb Specialist cluster does.
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Might it be possible to announce the sales for maybe the next week in the same way some other games do it? I bought some skill MTX for a build that I started a day before most of them went on sale and that doesn't feel to great.
Will there ever be an option to toggle Attack-In-Place? Being able to toggle Attack-In-Place would be a great quality of life improvement to the combat in the game for certain skills.
Will players eventually get to choose background music for their hideouts? I must have the Acton's nightmare music!
This was posted in March, with Chris saying the answers would be posted "next week."

I highly doubt they're still paying attention to the thread.
How difficult would it be to add a "Spectre Handler" in town (probably, at least, Sarn or Highgate) that offers monsters that can be resurrected as spectres? Could even have a special mission like Siosa so you have to work to get to them. It could be like the Zoo (from the old game Demise) where people could sell spectres they didn't want or upgrade them to a better version of themselves. Another thing would be to have it where you can save your spectres in a "Spectre Stash" so you could share them across players. It would also be great to be able to get information about the spectres once they have been "spectrified". As it is right now, you (or, at least, I) can't tell what their powers are, what level they are, how much health they have, or anything.

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