Ancient Reliquary Key

Level 92

5 exalts // 1 divine // 3 reliquary keys

lvl 63, lvl 78, lvl 84

2 exalts, shavs drop

Last edited by CaoMengde on Mar 20, 2017 1:16:37 AM
Found my 2nd key this morning, so naturally means my 2nd

Bit of a sad joke really.

Two characters at 75, main at 90.

No exalts, no divines, no reliquaries.
8exalt, ~15divine (few divine i use)
4 relic key
Used 4 so far,got a legacy taste of hate on the 4-th. Considering all the crap i've seen surrounding these keys,i consider myself very lucky.
level 81 + 90, 1 exalt, 0 divines, 0 reliquary keys
5 exalts
1 key found in a Weylam's War Chest
2 char at around mid 80's

no exalts / 2 divines / NO RELIC KEYS !!!

I hate RNG !
level 84 (ssf) no keys, 2 exalt (very usefull in ssf ^^), 1 divine...

as we can see they are basically nothing of real interrest with a normal chance to drop in these reliquaries, so the drop of them is way way way too low.... hope to see at least one... the "legacy" league without any drop of "legacy" seem a little pointless...

... nothing

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