[3.0] RAT Ele Wander Inquisitor, Budget options, Life/Hybrid or CI, T15+ Viable

Updated build guide to show ascendancy options for those considering other variants, and touched up some other sections. More to come soon.

I appreciate everyone who's shared everything to this point. Really enjoying it!
I'm not sure if I should make a new character following the flameblast totem build or try this one. I don't care about uber lab or uber atziri, just enjoy mapping, but what's more cheap/safe between the two builds?
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Flameblast Totems are more efficient boss killers and strong because of how strong flameblast is as a skill.

Traditionally, Kinetic Blast has always been insane for trash or 'map clear' and not very good as far as boss killing.

This offers a bit different of a playstyle than Flameblast totems. Lots of people find totem builds 'boring' because they aren't the one dealing damage.

With Kinetic Blast Totems, you'll likely be surprised and how far reaching your totems will kill things, and once you have the right passives-- you'll likely be surprised at how fast it can clear an entire room of mobs.

This has a very low gear requirement to get the build started....meaning you could make some super budget version of this build for 10c or less (crown of eyes being only thing necessary I'd say) and a cheap white 5L
that you could alch or use an essence on... any old wand will work (with the right gear, gem level and passives, you could do red maps with a *white* wand, but you can either craft yourself an imbued wand with added lightning and a crit roll for not too much currency. Likely you'd find something for sale as cheap as 1c that would work! I'm serious! I also have solo'd all labs with this build although I haven't found my last trial in Legacy League to do Uber lab on the latest version of this build.

If you have questions , you can message me in game, and since you asked ( since I suspect more and more people will be looking into this sort of thing)...and with how strong and meme-y Havoc made this build look to hundreds of viewers on Twitch, I will add a more comprehensive 'budget' option and leveling details.

IGN is TooEthicalForPants although if that doesn't seem to work, I'm currently leveling an occultist , IGN is QueefyGumballMachine

Will update the guide in just a little bit later today.

Not sure why it duplicated my post-- so I'll say I will update the build guide now :)
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What do you think about the AoE nodes at templar and/or witch?

Currently running a similar setup in LSC, and single target is done using barrage totems. Single target in open rooms is ok, not great, but in rooms when the explosions overlap it is actually crazy. Crit is actually tough to come by, but I do think power charges can make up for that. I do end up at low life/ES though. Currently 4k+ life and 1.5k+ ES, but I can only get around 200% inc ES on tree at level 90 and without a shield... that is not that much. But we will see.

Map farming is one of the fastest I have ever had, fun build.
Aoe is good, the problem is now investment in aoe it's not great, Dying sun Flask is great, the multiple proj and the Aoe makes clear better ( tested this on standard)
For the passive point i think Templar is good( 2 point investment), witch a bit worse because is three points.
But i would personally go for it before adding more jewels
recorded a VOD that breaks down a lot of variation in the build, with Dried Lake farming, mid tier farming in Legacy, and red map farming on the character that I initially wrote the whole guide about. It all goes really smoothly , but I have a shitty mic, and so the audio quality/mixing is garbage. Sorry about that. Will post youtube mirror soon for those that have trouble watching twitch videos.
Changed my boots now i'm 7.3k ( still without energy from within )
Done up t10, everything dies quickly.
I'll try to upload tonight, i hope it doesn't stop like last time i tryed.

Got a Dying sun for 6ex
Tryed for few maps, feels great, more testing tommorrow, i dropped mana flask and i'm running discipline, herald of ice, clarity.
I have 39mana reg normally and 93 while on consecrated ground, next to level and i'll rest to Mom and the nodes behind. that should be enough.
Mana ok feels okeish, could be better, if i spam too much frenzy for charges i don't enough for totems but usually is fine.
Still need to reroll flask for last changes.

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Video Uploaded

Lastest video Poorjoy's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPyZG1exTAE

They are few days old, now build is much stronger with better gear and such
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I am fully all-in on an Occultist variant using a few different mechanics. The deeps isn't quite there yet, but still enough for leveling relatively fast.
Lvl 68, wearing the Gull for insane shrine effects, southbound gloves to help proc on kill effects and poachers mark linked to herald of thunder for curse / profane bloom boom boom.

Gear atm lvl 68

Video of Acceleration shrine with the Gull: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/127885955?t=01h18m30s

movement speed problem solved. Now for the deeps :D

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