[3.0] RAT Ele Wander Inquisitor, Budget options, Life/Hybrid or CI, T15+ Viable

Just a heads up, the stun immunity from boots just works if you have killed recently, not if your totems kill stuff, so mobs would have to die from some sort of DoT. That being said, a great option is the X to lighting damage if you HAVENT killed recently, because this is then basicall up 100% of the time.

So choose your enchant wiseliy according the way you finish up the mobs.

Another thing to mention, Essence of Wrath is a good way to craft an Ele Wand, Deafening for example is better than a T1 lightning damage role and shrieking and screaming are not expensive at all.

Essence of Hysteria or Thunderfist are also good gloves for a Barrage pseudo 5 Link setup.

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Just an update on my RAT builds:

Finished writing up Occultist guide, which is a bit higher end than the Inquisitor variant, still working on leveling, currently lvl 93:

Updated part of the guide for 3.0 with a new tree. Don't have time to immediately update gear but the only real differences here is that you want to either go full life or hybrid life/ES. I would say that life/ES would be much easier to maintain or get going as a league-starter.

Tested in 3.0 Beta and still felt really strong even without the Lycosidae shield and a lot of the more expensive pieces I've used in the past (flasks , etc)
Thank you so much for a great build guide!
I love totems. I love Inq and wanted to try Kinetic Blast which I have never used.
I was a little tired of flameblast. I have started using glacial cascade.
Both skills cover the entire screen and I cannot see enemies.
I'm very excited to play, but I have one question to ask. What should I do for the bandit in 3.0? The guide is still for 2.6 and would like to know what you would recommend.
Thanks for the post man!

I will update the guide a bit more thoroughly soon, just haven't had much time to fiddle with it.

Would go Alira for the crit multi, mana regen (kb rat totem costs 80+mana) and the all res.
Hey man! Currently trying the inquisitor version of the build. As I looked through your profile a bit, I saw you made an ascendant version in harbinger? Did you level completely as RAT KB, because your tree looks absolutely nuts or it right now since you path all the way from ranger. Do you have any additional updates on the build? I'm kinda struggling on how to add more damage, but we'll see how the progression goes. Thanks again!
Have you considered running this build as CI and using the changed Attack Damage on Full Life support? Thats basically another 50% more multi that is available to CI attack builds
Old thread but are you gonna update this build anytime soon or no interest?

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