[3.0] RAT Ele Wander Inquisitor, Budget options, Life/Hybrid or CI, T15+ Viable

Ended up switching from Hiro to Inquisitor for boss damage. I liked the convenience of Hiro but overall between using Frenzy-Pcoc and weapon swap Jaws of Agony (for pre-boss fights and a little bit of any time) keeping charges up was less hassle than I imagined.

Switching to CI atm, will end up at around 7.5-8k es which is alright for me atm, not pushing up to T15 anyway.

Edit: Died at 90, was a good run.
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How did you get stun immmunity on your inquisitor? Or you didn't get it?
For the original version of the build I used Presence of Chayula bc I had run a low life build prior to making this and had one laying around. Eye of Chayula would be just fine , and if you want to rely on maybe not-as-sure-of-a-thing, the 80% chance to avoid stun boot enchant or the kiara's determination flask would suffice or do the trick, but wouldn't obviously be as reliable as the actual piece of gear.

It is pretty flexible in that regard. You could go with a DPS ammy and use a valyrium ring as well, but that may be a bit more expensive. If you went that route, try to find the new base (marble i believe) that gives at least 1% life regen / sec. ... considering how much we benefit from life regen since we can't leech, that's definitely a viable option.
Back from vacation, I didn't need stun avoidance until Atziri, i was level 91. you usually have enough damage and range to not worry about stun, also 1k/regen is pretty sweety.

Just buy a Dps amulet, with no resistance and swap it for an eye of chayula when u need it
Took a little bit of a break from the RAT Wands, leveled an facebreaker Warchief Berserker bc I found a foiled meginords and had 798% FB drop.....so I felt like I had to.

Anyway, going to be jumping back in here in the next few days to polish off the build guide, also going to either re-level or change some things on my occultist to go full 'unethical' double-dip mode.

On paper, it could potentially do double the damage that any of my builds currently do, but whether or not that will play out, we will see. Will maybe even create a build diary daily.

Have done trees and crunched numbers for Hierophant, Scion (lol), and Assassin (as well as Occultist)

Almost want to go Scion for the meme'ing possibilities but most likely Assassin or stay Occultist. Will update this thread when I start really diving into the differences.
Have decided on the final form of the RAT Wander -- an Assassin, which according to Path of Building, could be more than just T15 viable. Goal with the build will be to kill all end game bosses. Long way to go before I make any determination if that will actually be possible.

Have some gear set aside already and will be upgrading as I go. I have acquired enough currency to invest as much as I need, including some Southbound curse on hit gloves that currently don't exist (will take me a while to buy/vaal enough to land it)

Preliminary Gear


Haven't searched for or bought jewelry yet. If I find the right pieces, will wear an ES shield and get enough accuracy to feel comfortable. Will see how it goes.

Will be streaming leveling this character later tonight for a few hours and for the next few days into maps at http://www.twitch.tv/xxdjdrewxx
Nice Can't wait to see the single target!
Update on Poison RAT

It's been interesting to say the least. I just bought a pair of Temp Chain on hit Southbound gloves.
I have automated frenzy and power charges via Green/Blue Dream
When flasks are up and charges are up, the build feels stronger than any variant to this point.
When they are not, it feels like the weakest.
In addition, it is extremely point intensive. I want to get to at least level 90 before making any attempts at end game bosses and to compare the two.

My apologies for not making any guide earlier regarding both inquisitor, occultist and Assassin, but I want to maybe put together a post-mortem, showing gear, trees, and options for all 3. After which, I may not play RAT Wander for some time (haha)

My current gear (lvl 88)

Made it to lvl 91 with Assassin, still planning on revisiting
Respecc'd a few points with my Occultist to try full poison spec w/ the same gear as Assassin.

Map clear feels better overall, slightly higher ES, single target (poison) damage is the one thing that is lacking at the moment. Assassin with the beefy poison makes single target pretty good.

One reason why I'm revisiting this occultist is because I now have the Temp Chain curse on hit Southbounds, full charge generating, as well as a frenzy - gmp - pcoc setup to keep charges up on bosses. This also means that Profane Bloom with the chaos damage explosions proc on virtually every pack. REALLY fun!

Finally hit lvl 88 on this one, gear is as follows:

Jewelry at this point would be hard to replace.

Links are pretty much set up although I have to delevel one of my Vaal Hastes to be able to run that. Will go in shield slot.
Everything else seems to be ideal or recommended for this variant.

Super fun to play, and as commented by one of my friends that I map with, "You fixed the whole wander movement speed problem by not having to actually stop and cast Kinetic Blast"

I see RaizQT on twitch intending to make a RAT Wander...as an Ascendant. Would be interested to see what he comes up with and if it would be comparable. Although he is doing it SSF, I would imagine getting the shield will be frustrating, or perhaps stacking accuracy/survivability ...or even just using curses to lower mobs evasion may help it feel less bad without it.

Will update the build guide in the next few days and also will post the variants in diff class subforums with link to this one as I have really experimented and tried lots of different things re: the idea of RAT Wander.
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Hey everyone.

So, in circling back around to the different variants, I will go out on a limb and say that if you're looking for single target AND trash clear, Occultist variant is the clear winner.

I was hyped after buying a really crazy phys/fire wand to respec my original Inquisitor from this league and see how the charge generation felt via Southbound. With everything being so ele-based, most mobs shatter and do not proc the southbound die-to-dot that makes Occultist and Assassin variants so strong. That means no automatic charges.

While it may seem like I'm now getting a bit picky, I can't overstate how much smoother it feels to play when you actually only ever have to think about charge generation when they go down ...which is rare.
Profane Bloom , once you reach a certain level of dps, procs on almost every pack and its instant pack deletion. The build is actually feeling amazing. If a boss has adds in the room standing next to him, if you can get them to proc Profane Bloom, its ridiculous. Took Vault boss last night from about 75% hp to deleted instantly.

Current gear as follows, just hit 91.


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