[3.0] RAT Ele Wander Inquisitor, Budget options, Life/Hybrid or CI, T15+ Viable

Daam really nice Wand!
i'm Lv83 done up to tier7 maps, melting everything.

Charge generation getting better now that i have a bit more crit.
Still life at 2.7k hp
Gear update , dinged level 82...still sorting out passive tree and broke/out of regrets lol


Not much has changed, but I hadn't even done Uber lab yet. Only have a few of the trials :/ Once I do that, and ideally , eventually, a higher ES chest...things should start to look really nice at that point.

Tooltip at 14.1k with just lightning golem and wrath. If I managed to get a Lorica or Shavs, will also try out low-life but I'm thinking the amount of ES I will have will be too low to really make it viable.

Also going to test out without the shield, but just from unequipping it, it drops my chance to hit down to 75% Yikes!

Will likely update thread if I decide to stream for an extended period today.
Doing a similar build. Lv87 atm.

Clearspeed is completely nuts. Survival is... questionable. Good enough for speed clearing T6/7 and leveling that way.

I want to transition into CI but I'm putting it off. I know it's going to suck with that Lycosidae in the shield slot. I'm even considering to drop it, at least until I get a proper ES 6link. We'll see.
IGN: NemiSplosion
nice man!

Yeah, clearspeed is pretty damn good. I tried last league to see if a life based variant would work, just couldn't squeeze enough life to really feel comfortable doing much of anything.

I'm currently testing the waters (albeit not really by choice, more like I'm still poor) with a hybrid version. It's not bad but needs chaos resistance. Mobs in T8+ with chaos damage definitely just take a nice steamy dump on me.

If it helps, I can say that with CI, with a decently rolled regalia , you should be able to hit 9k es even with the shield....which makes the whole experience pretty damn smooth. It wasn't until I switched to CI last league that I really felt safe in a lot of sketchy situations.

Really enjoy the updates tho guys, keep em comin!
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I gotta say, I was hesitant about getting the boots at first (cost me little over 2 ex since it's the first pair) but it's worth it. Frees up a link and the phasing really helps with clear speed since I can just run in a straight line through dense packs (eye of chayula is a must for this too).

I'm hybrid as well, 3k/2k. I'm relying on things to die before they kill me.
IGN: NemiSplosion

Little showcase Canyon Zana while still leveling with pretty shitty gear and also only Cruel ascendacy

I have other video ready to upload as soon as i can i'll put them up
Running this as a Hiro (running with a guardian support) right now at level 83 in LHC. Only done Normal lab (lazy) so usually running without charges and dps is at about 19.5k with just Wrath(in a +2 lightning wand), HOI and Lightning Golem. Running with the wand below since saturday and it's holding up pretty good. Will most likely go for Hiro power/endurance charges in Cruel lab today for some survivability (without support I'm at 2.1k hp and 1.4k es, which goes up to around 3.2k es with Guardian)

Clear is fantastic, but bosses at T7 is a bit struggling


love the video. With such a small investment, can still do at least mid-level content pretty comfortably.

Also interested to see how the hierophant variant works out. I did attempt such a thing last league, using a phys wand with a 'malicious' roll (flat chaos dmg) on it. damage was fairly similar via tooltip, but inquisitor with the ignoring ele resists just feels so much more consistent.

If anyone else wants to try a hierophant, one of the ONLY true decent uses for the "Mantra of Flames" unique jewel out there comes with something like this build + the node in Hierophant that gives %inc dmg per enemy killed recently. Each stack is considered 'a buff' by itself, so you can get some really nice spike damage that way.

hit 87 tonight. Streamed a little while so I should have vods on my channel if you want to take a look.

Gear update

Gonna work on further improving jewelry/belt, and eventually use the regalia I linked and switch to CI. Until I get more currency, just winging it and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off haha

Still squishy as hybrid, did manage to get SOME chaos resistance but I'd like to be chaos-immune.

Have done up to T11 with little issue, only a few arc mages and some chaos sentinels have really kinda wrecked me. Other than that, feeling better every level!
Just switched to CI got 7k ES
Now feeling tanky, done Merciless lab, i got Sanctify inquisitor passive, it doesn't trigger if totem kill stuff, it should work on the burn, but usually trash getting destroyed before the burn has enough time. I need the last 2 Uber Trails to do Uber lab.
I'm trying without stun avoidance, but i bought a Eye of chayula just in case, for all good
Trying a Sulphur Flask of Steadiness to see if is enough for stun problems

Only problem, now that i run discipline and wrath, with low mana, the pot is a pain, i have enough damage so for now i'm running only discipline

Gear was super cheap, got the rings for 2c each and the amulet for 1c, waiting for elreon to level up and i'll craft something good on the amulet

i went for Faster attacks instead of added cold because of the mana damage is similar, i think with enough added damage from gear, FA is better.

The plan is make some money, then go Low life, with Presence of Chayula, Normal ES shield and dropping even, Crown of eyes when i have enough, else i'll keep it.

Tryed to build a skill tree with Mom
But even with Life on every piece of gear, can get a max of 5k life and 1.1k mana free
The damage is similar, if somebody really doesn't like ES, could try that.


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Here's a run. Sorry for potato quality, did a quick compression. Shows the clear speed alright though.

Shortly after this run, I went CI. 5k ES with Lyco. 6.5k with ES shield...

But Lycosidae is like... 50% of my damage. (Because of crit confirms)

So I'm gonna run with 5k es until I buy a proper chest.

IGN: NemiSplosion

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