[3.0] RAT Ele Wander Inquisitor, Budget options, Life/Hybrid or CI, T15+ Viable

have updated the main post with twitch vod of running a few maps and current gear in legacy.

damage is feeling great, need to fix the whole ES/hybrid situation.

More to come.
How you guys are keeping up with mana? I am using flask but after using herald of ice and wrath, my mana is 100 left. 1 totem takes more than 80 mana :(.
i'm currently running only discipline, i could run wrath, but the mana management is a pain, so for now i'm leaving only discipline ( i could run an herald but i'm leveling some gems and i don't really need more damage)

So at a certain point you reach enough damage and wrath or no wrath make little difference, my intention in the next 2 lv ( i'm 87 ) now is to get Righeous Decree and get more mana and less mana cost of skill
Also i'm leveling and Enlighten to get more free mana.

yeah until you get at the very least a level 2 enlighten , mana cost can be a pain and depending on circumstance, chugging the pot is really likely your best bet UNTIL you get Pious Path. 4% mana regen with just a wee bit of reduction in mana that you are using will make it seem as if you ARE using a hybrid flask when you use a sulphur flask. It's really a huge part of why I chose the Pious Path route.

I did run this build with the legendary Havoc on his stream last night as he wanted to see what it was all about when deciding what to reroll. I'm sure there is a vod out there. In playing on my character from last league -- with a level 3 enlighten and the 3 point jewel slot at the northeast corner of the tree (with the 2 4% mana nodes) does help in a big way. You could also include an additional 4% mana reserved opposite of the CI node, or use Conqueror's Efficiency-- that's the quest reward from the Crypt in Act 2 in Merc. Gives 2% mana reservation reduction, 3% less mana cost of skills and 4% inc skill duration so the totems (and vaal haste) last just a wee bit longer.

On my leveled lvl 91 character that the guide was initially written about, I can run without a mana pot because of consecrated ground via Pious Path mana regen, so getting the extra ascendancy points should be a priority. I personally need the last uber lab trial before I can go get it on my legacy league character!
On the mana issue:

Don't forget about Mind over Matter (and Inspiration behind that).

It's a minor annoyance if you're hybrid, since your mana pool will be emptied every time you get hit in the life pool. But then you should be running away anyways.

Once you're CI, there's no downside to using MoM(Inspiration) at all anymore. It's just a huge mana fix.

I never had issues really. I also took the Deep Thoughts node at the Witch.
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CI + MoM i think it's fine if you run like only discipline but from past experience having no mana when u get hit it's bad i would personally wouldn't do it, but it's an idea.

Update found Uber Lab Got insane Rng got the lab Enchant on my Crown of Eyes


Right now with the Pious Path, it feels tanky enough.

I need to change Boots, and Reroll the chest as soon i have more currency, i'm not sure if try to save up and try to go low life, shavs + presence of chayula.
I wouldn't gain much in terms of DPS, but could totaly drop mana flask because i can run Discipline and Clarity on my Life.

I'll make a video as soon i find a higher tier map right stuck on T7-T8
Switched back to Added cold and Herald of ice + discipline, with just this cold damage i free rare and shock rare and Exile mobs in T7-T8, shock bosses atleast up to T5
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CI + MoM i think it's fine if you run like only discipline but from past experience having no mana when u get hit it's bad i would personally wouldn't do it, but it's an idea.

MoM only removes mana before LIFE - not ES. So when you're CI, the node does literally nothing. There's 0 downside to getting it for the Inspiration node behind it.

edit: also what the fuck that CoE... You've been sucking the big hard juicy member of RNGesus I see.
IGN: NemiSplosion
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@Eiknos I didn't know that, my mistake i'm sorry, fuck the node behind mom are great a this point!

Yeah that CoE!!!! i got the double enchant prophecy and i was undecided to try roll the boots or the helmet knowing that i would get nothing on the helmet, first i got herald of ice damage 40%, then i got Blessed by RNG and well i'm happy!

Update on my side, i tested Aoe scaling, i think it's usefull i'll try to invest in some Aoe node to see if it's better than invest in the last 3 jewel.

Also planning the move to Low life when i have the right gear
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Having a blast as a Hiro so far at level 85. Damage spikes from 49k (dps with just Wrath+HoI and Power charges) to around 80k because of Mantra of Flame and Pursuit of Faith. Slightly higher if I bother to get frenzy charges. Pursuit and the convenience of the Power Charge generation is what I like about Hiro, but I have no doubt I could get more damage as a Inquisitor if I could be bothered with charges. Currently at about 72% crit with 7 charges up and boss dmg is looking up with every upgrade and besides the stuff below some of the gear I use have been with me since 40-50.

Latest stuff:

Holy S&#@( man! That Talisman for this build is SICK!! GG

Yeah, for sure, good to hear that Hierophant is going well. I was also thinking of some variant without taking Ancestral Bond and using the Hierophant ele pen in helm node + essence of horror and using a 6L chest for a self-cast barrage....which could be quite silly. Who knows. Will consider testing it out once I have the currency.

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