Content Update 2.6.0 Patch Notes

RF can kill Shaper but some builds can kill it quicker so RF is shit...

Man, there are shitton of skills that can't kill Shaper even with 100 ex gear, stop complaining.
Seems to be doing fine even without a Vaal Discipline and no Shaper experience. Invest more time in research instead of going for most obvious thing and you'll do just fine, unless you expect to facetank everything in which case this nerf is for you :)
Blade Flurry has had its damage reduced by 18% at level 1 of the gem, scaling to a 15% reduction at level 20 of the gem.
Changes that don't need to be tested in-game in order to establish if they make sense or not (because we can establish that they don't make sense at all just by reading them) :

- Making Weight of the Empire limited to "2". I would understand limited to "3" and then only with a buff to the chance proc, with 15% as a minimum. There are nerfs that have positive impact but this nerf to HStrike is just bad.

- Giving 1H Maces an implicit to Stun Threshold but not for 2H Maces. Stun Duration is still pretty useless as an implicit for any stun-oriented build. You should apply the same change for 2H Maces at a lower value ofc, something like 5%/8% for respectively 20%/40% stun duration.

Or you can just give them another implicit that has some usefulness you know? Ever think of that?

My god... this nerf of drillneck and reach.... Is this (hardcore) nerf legit? are drillneck and reach deserving this nerf? Hell no! They are way behing the BF and HoWA in the list of broken thing that need a nerf... Why this hate for the ranger character archetype?

With this patch, regulars ranger and bows characters are almost dead... RIP... Can't we just stay in 2.5? This patch is very bad.... I was planning to go with an assreacher again this league, i think i'm fucked up...

It's time to disintall and wait... This balancing team is starting to turn like d3.... sad sad thing...

I don't understand why, in a game when the fun is the main reason for playing, they nerf thing so hard that the fun run away with somes spé? Can't they just up the rest at the same lvl?
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Mjolner: Now has the additional property Socketed Lightning Spells have 100% Increased Spell Damage if Triggered

If this is a joke, it's a bad joke

T1 uniq = T1 vendor trash even with this funny 100% spell dmg

Hope this is really some kind of joke from GGG. Haha yeah )
i don't really see the reason for the RotC nerf, but since I didn't plan on using it anytime soon, i don't really care.. the death opus is still there, so what ever...

the nerf to drillneck on the other hand was on the horizon for some patches now.. it was the no.1 best in slot item for so long and the nerf might make room for other quivers to be used more.
50% might be to hard, but this way people can start looking for alternatives and GGG can buff it by a few % when the bow meta shifted a bit...

I mean come on.. be real, even before drillneck there were viable bowbuilds.. for me i see it as a chance to try something different.
New content seems good but i wont try it becouse of the nerfs

Lost any kind of desire to play this and i think i will go back to League of legends madness :)

At least all my characters there are still playable and the nerfs are not ruining the game so bad like this one :)

See ya guys ! Enjoy the new least those of you who have the nerves to invest more time in this shithole game with no future ;)

P.s. Advice for new players.... DON`T BOTHER MAN ! The game seems fun from videos but once you have your head smashed with the nerfhammer you will understand the pain of watching your 4 month investments going to trash can in a matter of 20 min maintenance :)

Rest in pepperronnii Path of Shitxile
I love these kids crying about nerfs on OP BiS shit when there's no many buffs in the patch notes.
When we can see a picture with Bex?
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