Content Update 2.6.0 Patch Notes

Server full :o !
thx, shield charge aoe is so fucking low.. worst patch ever..
imbaslap wrote:
so no game engine fix or FPS drop fix when 50 spells go off at once.

i remember the good times of having full map groups with max settings and 0 fps drops.
right now, you can't even 2 man maps without reaching 3fps from 50 spells going off at once.

2015 > 2017 POE.
<3 the progression in this game, hopefully the 10 act release fixes the game engine as well so I can actually play the game with my friends instead of soloing. +1

^^^^^^^ Bump!! ^^^^^^^
Make the game stable ffs.

Also, Does that make RoTC the only unique to get back to back nerfing ?
Well as long as Ziggy has his original Legacy Bow, then everything's okay ...
The Peregrine: Increased Accuracy mod increased to 300. Physical Attack Mana leech is now Attack Mana leech and increased to 0.4%.

Bugged: Mana leech stayed at 0.2% phys. attack!

Kikazaru: Reduced Effect of Curse mod increased to 40%. No longer has (13-17) Life Regeneration per second. Now has 1 Life Regeneration per Second per Level.

Wrong! After reroll it has 40% Reduced Effect of Curse, but 14.4 life regenerated per sec. Even if you say, reroll don't work!

So... I think, the whole patch is more bugged, than it should be!
Better not waste any more Divine Orbs!
Sorry, my english is not nativ! ;-)
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Steam gave me a new patch on top of 2.6.0 but no patch notes yet.
Checking resources................................................................
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I'm pretty happy of the changes. It keeps the game challenging. When everyone tend to have the same 5 builds, and wanting the 10 top items, it starts to get boring.

It amaze me to see these people crying the changes without knowing the issue of the changes... they pretend to understand better than the developpers who gather data about all of you guys.

The developers aren't stupid, would it be logical from them to *break* the game on which they are working on for now 10 years only to make it less fun? Realy? If you happen to think 'yes they are stupid, yes they don't understand what they do', I don't see, as a developper, why I would listen to you since your ability to resonate relies more on belief than facts (nobody here has access to that for sure).

I would be amazed to see these people exercing critical thinking, instead of critical whining.

Sorry about that, but I can't help in any other ways.

Oh well someone said that :
You just DE-credited anything insightful you had to say when you couldn't even remember how to spell "Economy", "Stronger", and "Desirable." There's even a spell check on the damn site...

What's the link between his hability to spell words and his ability to think? (hint : maybe english isn't his primary language?)
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Cmon GGG, you ruined the funny AOE elementalist. :(

Was testing my shock nova+pendulum of destruction witch, and you know what? The AOE range is so s****y now, that it forces the witch to be very close to a mob/boss so shock nova can be used properly.

So the poor witch ends up behaving as a melee character. You got the meaning of that sentence, right? A - w i t c h - b e h a v i n g - a s - a - m e l e e - c h a r a c t e r.

I used to help leveling normal/cruel dryed lake players with this build. Now it's pointless.

Now Witch almost must be either projectile or necro, or nothing. Oh, and all those AOE skill points around templar/witch and relatively close between them are now s****t. At least pendulum of destruction should be the 'AOE radius' exception, but I just don't expect anything right now.

And guess EQ AOE was affected too. But why? Because there are pple who like it and enjoy it? Do you reward a customer by eliminating what he likes or enjoys? Again, a bad decision.

Btw, do these changes have anything to do with the upcoming xbox version? I'm just curious.

Wow thx GGG....

My rolling flames fireball build is now F*&&^^%^%& up....
Thanks so much for destroying the fun of my char.....
Jeez what a bad patch....
Lol, the salt of AoE fanboys begin.
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