[3.16]g00fy_goober's Ultimate EleBuzzsaw Raider (Easily Clear All Content) *REVAMPED*

I haven't read through the comments so I'm not sure if someone has asked this before.

Would something like trinity+nightblade work and scaling all 3 elements instead of only lightning? Like get a claw with high cold and fire damage and still use wrath? The links would be like: ST-GMP-EDWA-Trinity-Nightblade-Ele Pen/Hypothermia
Or like use the same high lightning claw but swap anger for wrath, or maybe add added cold?
I feel like the multiplier on trinity is so good that it could scale all of our flat damage nicely.
So, since my first post, I've been making a lot of changes. I transferred from SSF to trade league, saved up some chaos and bought a 380 dps claw and changed all my gear basically for around 30c total. I pathed into a few more survival nodes as well. And I found a way around stat issues with passives and gear.

Atm I am res capped with everything, including chaos, while sitting at around 5.3k HP, 350 ES. Tooltip damage is only around 27k in hideout with 6-link ST (L21, Q20%), HoI, Wrath and Precision and Ice Golem. I don't know if this is good.

I think my main issue is damage at this point vs bosses as I am going into yellow maps. Should I be looking at higher damage claws? Damage jewels? Or max level gems?

My other question is this. Is it possible to use some other skills instead of Spectral Throw? I know it is a specific ST build, but I was just wondering if something else works too. I don't know enough about the game to understand all skill interactions and intricacies. I did try Frost Blades and it seems nice. Spectral Helix was also much higher damage, but not as fun, so maybe for bosses only? Some of the other options I looked at where Wild Strike and Lightning Strike. I also read a few posts mentioning Trinity support, if so instead of what? I just don't know how/if they would work. I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice from anyone better at this game (which is probably everyone) :D
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Is it not possible to use 3.17?
handark12 wrote:
Is it not possible to use 3.17?

It is. Nothing really changed for it this patch.
Hey! Nice build, specral throw so cool :) Can we wait uptade to 3.17? Some CWDT looks like dosent work. Thank you
Hey! Nice build, specral throw so cool :) Can we wait uptade to 3.17? Some CWDT looks like dosent work. Thank you

None of my guides will be updated going forward and no new ones will be made sorry.
If anyone is struggling for a ST build, lookup just about any Spectral Helix build, the two abilities are pretty much interchangeable.

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