Unique Item List — [3.19] Current UCT Capacity: 1,371

Table of Contents:

Welcome to the thread for the Path of Exile Unique Item List. The goal of this thread is to provide an embedded visual list of every unique item in Path of Exile. Additionally, this can be a place to consolidate conversations and sightings about new, or upcoming, unique items to the game. I understand most of these conversations have migrated to reddit, Discord, and other media platforms, but they are also welcomed and encouraged here.

Unique Collection Tab Structure
On the 11th of March, 2019, Grinding Gear Games introduced the Unique Collection Tab. A special premium stash tab designed to store one of each unique item in the game. The UCT is used as the framework for the structure of this thread. In addition to the standard pool of unique items, the UCT has spots for most items that can no longer be generated, and some unique item variants. The complete criteria for what will or will not have a dedicated spot or what variant items will be accepted, is not known to the community at this time.

The embedded item linking in the core posts follows the UCT sub-group order first followed by item order second. Each sub-group of the UCT is represented by the name of the sub-group (usually this is the item class), and a spoiler section to contain all of the individual items. The items are in the order they should appear when placed into the UCT. Generally speaking this is in alphabetical order respecting the first word (including 'A' and 'The') unless the item is part of an upgrade path or a replica. (Which does result in at least one funny item location in the tab, Replica Perfect Form)

NOTE: There are four items that seem like reasonable inclusions to the UCT, but currently do not have spots. I have embedded them within the thread, but they are not counted in the UCT Capacity number.
  • Demigod's Triumph (Alternate Artwork)
  • Demigod's Stride (Alternate Artwork)
  • Blood of Corruption (Alternate Artwork)
  • Demigod's Authority

Unique Item Acquisition Methods & Variants Structure
Path of Exile has different restrictions in the game for generating different unique items. The embedded linking in the 5th post of this thread provides context for item acquisition and variant information. The acquisition information follows an "acquisition restriction" order first, followed by a specific restriction (with extra details as needed), before the individual items relevant to the restriction.

Example - Under the "Boss Drop" spoiler there is a section for "Atziri, Queen of the Vaal". In her section there is a listing of the items available from the Apex of Sacrifice version, and the Alluring Abyss version.

There is also a section for variants. The variant information is for items whose variants do not have dedicated spaces in the UCT. Where it is reasonable, all of the variants will be collected and embedded in this post. Where it would be unreasonable to include all of the variants, there will insead be a representative sample and a text explanation of the variant parameters. Also included in the variant section is information about the relic unique items (foil versions).

Maintenance and Support
Unique item staging will be done as a new post in the thread, following the same order as the UCT. This will keep a pseudo timeline of patch releases within the pages of the thread, and will require less editing of this main post. Items will be transferred into the core posts at the end of league to account for any unique items released during a major patch after the initial X.0.0 release.

The goal is to have all of the core posts updated before the close of the current expansion cycle. The preference is for each embedded item to be without enchantment, without special quality (catalysts), and un-corrupted/un-scourged (unless it is a requirement of the item existing). Having empty sockets is a plus, although with the 2.0.0 expansion release, that might become slightly more standardized and/or something to reevaluate then.

Generally, I do not go back and update items for functionality or value changes. One of the other wikipedia sites, or the patch notes will be the most reliable source for knowing the current iteration of any given unique item. Alternatively, the official trade site is a good resource for value ranges, just keep the search to a current league, and not one of the parent leagues.

If anyone would like to support the maintenance and curation of this thread there are two specific elements I can mention here. If something is incorrect or missing, please point it out. I am not an avid collector of the event prizes (Demigod, Victor, and Alternate Art items), so my order might not be completely correct when compared to a more full UCT. I do not always obtain new unique items quickly into the league (if at all), so if you have one that I have not posted in the current accruing spoiler please link it here. If you are unsure how to post an item, click the character portrait at the top left of the page while posting a reply. This will open your inventory and stash, and clicking items in this window will insert them into your post.

External Resources
Unique Items Overview
  • The Community Wikipedia page providing an overview on unique items. Contains general context, design and acquisition, recipes, and links to related unique item lists

Timeline of Unique Items
  • The Community Wikipedia page providing a chronological list of unique items. The list is presented in reverse chronological order (newest at the top), and contains released items, pieces, some variant items. This list does not explicitly indicate Alternate Art items.

Unique Collection Ladder
  • A community run and community maintained ladder of unique item collection. This ladder pulls from the Trade API to index public UCT contents creating a ladder ranking for each league.

All4One Series Playlist
  • The video journal of lighty's quest to collect one of each unique item in the Solo-Self-Found game mode. Started in June of 2019 the series is presented as digest videos from the prior week(s) of gameplay, with highlights, voice over, and lite build guides.

All4One Google Sheet
  • A checklist and tracker for unique item collection, created and maintained by lighty. This sheet contains: a Home tab with welcome information and total collection progress; a NEW tab for newest releases; the collection tracking tabs for Accessories, Armour, Flasks, Weapons, Jewels, and Maps; League-Restricted and Boss-Restricted tabs for acquisition help; and a Change-Log. All items are provided with a link to their respective community wiki page. Also, this resource has an explanatory video found here(~6min).

Unique Item List Google Sheet
  • A checklist and tracker for unique item collection, created and maintained by ChronoExile. This sheet contains: a Home tab with a table of contents and total collection progress; a Unique tab for collection tracking with supporting release, item, collection, acquisition, and general information; an Info tab about Google Sheet functionality, display options, data validation, and document style choices; and an Updates tab. This resource does not have a companion video, but it does have this thread! So, feel free to post any questions, feedback or requests here.


Special Thanks

Huge thanks to FaceLicker for creating and maintaining the initial version of this list for 2 years, to ignarsoll for maintaining its second incarnation for another 2 years, and to viperesque for keeping the third iteration alive for another year.

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Boss Drops

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal

Location: Apex of Sacrifice or Throne of Atziri in the Temple of Atzoatl

Location: Alluring Abyss or Maven's Invitation: The Feared

Unique Map Bosses

Avatar of Thunder
Location: Vinktar Square

Helial, the Day Unending
Location: Twilight Temple

Selenia, the Endless Night
Location: Twilight Temple

Talin, Faithbreaker
Location: Pillars of Arun

The Apex Assembly
Location: Doryani's Machinarium

The Shaper

Location:The Shaper's Realm or Maven's Invitation: The Feared

Location: The Shaper's Realm with the "Cosmic Wounds" Keystone

The Elder

Location: Absence of Value and Meaning

Location: The Shaper's Realm or Maven's Invitation: The Feared

Location: The Shaper's Realm with the "Cosmic Wounds" Keystone
Full Power Impresence x5

The Abyssal Liches

Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless or Ulaman, Sovereign of the Well
Location: Abyssal Depths

Enhanced Hillock

Location: Twilight Strand, Act I

Spirit Beasts

Craiceann, First of the Deep
Location: Craiceann's Cove

Farrul, FIrst of the Plains
Location: Farrul's Den

Fenumus, First of the Night
Location: Fenumus' Lair

Saqawal, First of the Sky
Location: Saqawal's Roost

The Vaal Omnitect

Location: Apex of Atzoatl within The Temple of Atzoatl

Delve City Bosses

Ahuatotli, the Blind
Location: The Grand Architect's Temple within the Vaal Outpost Biome

Kurgal, the Blackblooded
Location: The Lich's Tomb within the Abyssal City Biome

Aul, the Crystal King
Location: The Crystal King's Throne within the Primeval Ruins Biome

Catarina, Master of Undeath

Location: Mastermind's Lair

Synthesis Bosses

Altered Synthete or Augmented Synthete or Rewritten Synthete or Twisted Synthete
Location: Each synthete boss can be found in their eponymous distant memory synthesised map or Maven's Invitation: The Forgotten

Location: The Cortex or Maven's Invitation: The Feared

Legion Generals

Viper Napuatzi
Location: Domain of Timeless Conflict or a Legion Monolith with the Vaal Legion

Queen Hyrri Ngamaku
Location: Domain of Timeless Conflict or a Legion Monolith with Kauri Legion

General Marceus Lioneye
Location: Domain of Timeless Conflict or a Legion Monolith with Eternal Empire Legion

Cardinal Sanctus Vox
Location: Domain of Timeless Conflict or a Legion Monolith with Templar Legion

Aukuna, the Black Sekhema
Location: Domain of Timeless Conflict or a, Legion Monolith with Maraketh Legion

Sirius, Awakener of Worlds

Location: Eye of the Storm

Location: Eye of the Storm with "The Perfect Storm" Keystone
Massive Thread of Hope

Constructed Metamorph

Location: Tane's Laboratory

Delirium Bosses

Kosis, the Revelation or Omniphobia, Fear Manifest
Location: Simulacrum or Layers of Delirium

Harvest Bosses

Ersi, Mother of Thorns
Location: Wild Seed Plot within end-game map Sacred Grove

Janaar, the Omen
Location: Primal Seed Plot within end-game map Sacred Grove

Namharim, Born of Night
Location: Vivid Seed Plot within end-game map Sacred Grove

Oshabi, Avatar of the Grove
Location: The Sacred Grove within a Sacred Blossom

Heist Contract Bosses

The Unbreakable
Location: Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable

Admiral Darnaw
Location: Contract: Death to Darnaw

Vox Twins
Location: Contract: The Twins

Nashta, the Usurper
Location: Contract: Heart of Glory

Freidrich Tarollo, Slave Merchant
Location: Contract: The Slaver King

The Maven

The Maven
Location: Absence of Mercy and Empathy

The Trialmaster

Location: The Tower of Ordeals

Expedition Clan Leaders

Medved, Feller of Heroes
Location: Druids of the Broken Circle Logbook areas

Olroth, Origin of the Fall
Location: Knights of the Sun Logbook areas

Uhtred, Covetous Traitor
Location: Order of the Chalice Logbook areas

Vorana, Last to Fall
Location: Black Scythe Mercenaries Logbook areas

Eldritch Horrors

The Infinite Hunger
Location: Seething Chyme

The Eater of Worlds
Location: Absence of Symmetry and Harmony

The Black Star
Location: Polaric Void

The Searing Exarch
Location: Absence of Patience and Wisdom

Content Gated Drops
Story Quests

Through Sacred Ground
Encountered: Act III

The King's Feast
Encountered: Act V

The Wings of Vastiri
Encountered: Act VIII


Brinerot Warband Members
Encountered: Unique Strongbox, Atlas Quest, Atlas Craft, Delve Node, Map Boss

Mutewind Warband Members
Encountered: Unique Strongbox, Atlas Quest, Atlas Craft, Delve Node, Map Boss

Redblade Warband Members
Encountered: Unique Strongbox, Atlas Quest, Atlas Craft, Delve Node, Map Boss

Renegade Warband Members
Encountered: Unique Strongbox, Atlas Quest, Atlas Craft, Delve Node, Map Boss

The Lord's Labyrinth

Encountered: All Difficulty Levels

Encountered: Eternal and Enriched Difficulty

Breachlords and Their Followers

Xoph, Dark Embers
Encountered: Xoph's Domain, Delve Node, The Hidden, Map Breach Hands

Esh, Forked Thought
Encountered: Esh's Domain, Delve Node, The Hidden, Map Breach Hands

Tul, Creeping Avalanche
Encountered: Tul's Domain, Delve Node, The Hidden, Map Breach Hands

Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh
Encountered: Uul-Netol's Domain, Delve Node, The Hidden, Map Breach Hands

Chayula, Who Dreamt
Encountered: Chayula's Domain, Delve Node, The Feared, Map Breach Hands

Harbinger Teleportation Gates

Encountered: The Beachhead (Tier 5, 10, and 15), Delve Node

Encountered: The Beachhead (T15)

Temple of Atzoatl

Encountered: Sanctum of Immortality

Encountered: Defence Research Lab

Encountered: Crucible of Flame

Encountered: Toxic Grove

Encountered: Hybirdisation Chamber

Encountered: Conduit of Lightning

The Immortal Syndicate

Encountered: Transportation Safehouse Leader

Encountered: Fortification Safehouse Leader

Encountered: Research Safehouse Leader

Encountered: Intervention Safehouse Leader

Blighted Maps

Encountered: All Tiers and Tilesets


Encountered: Simulacrum


Unique Heist Contracts
Encountered: Smuggler's Caches, and/or Heist Chests based on Quest State

Blueprint Curio Case Replacements
Encountered: Blueprint: Smuggler's Den, Blueprint: Underbelly

Encountered: Blueprint: Repository, Blueprint: Tunnels

Encountered: Blueprint: Bunker, Blueprint: Records Office, Blueprint: Mansion

Replica Unique Items
Encountered: Blueprint: Laboratory, Blueprint: Prohibited Library
Replica Flask

Replica Amulet

Replica Ring

Replica Claw

Replica Dagger

Replica Wand

Replica Sword

Replica Axe

Replica Mace

Replica Bow

Replica Staff

Replica Quiver

Replica Belt

Replica Gloves

Replica Boots

Replica Body Armour

Replica Helm

Replica Shield

Replica Map

Replica Jewel

Ritual Rewards

Encountered: Ritual Altars in Maps

Abyss Expanded

Encountered: Abyssal Troves, Abyssal Depths Spire or Lich


Encountered: Runic Monsters in maps or Expedition Logbooks

Pinnacle Legion Content

Encountered: Domain of Timeless Conflict created with Unrelenting Emblems

Pinnacle Blight Content

Encountered: Blight Ravaged Maps, Any Tileset

Pinnacle Breach Content

Encountered: Flawless Breachstones, Any Breachlord

Corruption Based Items

Any Rarity Cobalt Jewel, Vaal Orb

Any Rarity Crimson Jewel, Vaal Orb

Any Rarity Viridian Jewel, Vaal Orb

Tear of Purity, Vaal Orb

Voll's Vision, Vaal Orb

Normal Rarity Sacrificial Garb, Locus of Corruption

Disabled Unique Items

Patch 1.2.0

Patch 3.1.0

Patch 3.8.0

Patch 3.9.0

Patch 3.11.0

Patch 3.12.0

Patch 3.16.0

Patch 3.17.0

Patch 3.19.0

Divination Card Exclusives

The Dragon

Cursed Words

Recipe Generated Unique Items

Vendor: 1 x The Goddess Bound (20% quality), 1 x Elegant Sword (20% quality and sockets must match those of The Goddess Bound), 1 x Orb of Fusing, 1 x Chance to Ignite (at least 1% quality)

Vendor: 1 x Berek's Respite, 1 x Berek's Pass and 1 x Berek's Grip

Vendor: 1 x Soul Taker, 1 x Heartbreaker and 1 x Orb of Fusing

Vendor: 1 x Feastbind, 1 x Faminebind and 1 x Orb of Fusing

Vendor: 1 x Agnerod North, 1 x Agnerod East, 1 x Agnerod West, 1 x Agnerod South

Vendor: 1 x Ruby Ring (any), 1 x Lightning Warp (level 20, corrupted) and 1 x Onyx Amulet (any rarity)

Vendor: 1 x Primordial Might, 1 x Primordial Harmony and 1 x Primordial Eminence

Vendor: 1 x Shade of Solaris, 1 x Light of Lunaris and Orb of Fusing

Vendor: 1 x Invictus Solaris, 1 x Vix Lunaris and Orb of Fusing

Arrange: 1 x First Piece of Brutality, 1 x Second Piece of Brutality, 1 x Third Piece of Brutality

Arrange: 1 x First Piece of Time, 1 x Second Piece of Time

Arrange: 1 x First Piece of Directions, 1 x Second Piece of Directions, 1 x Third Piece of Directions

Arrange: 1 x First Piece of the Arcane, 1 x Second Piece of the Arcane, 1 x Third Piece of the Arcane

Arrange: 1 x First Piece of Storms, 1 x Second Piece of Storms, 1 x Third Piece of Storms

Arrange: 1 x First Piece of Focus, 1 x Second Piece of Focus, 1 x Third Piece of Focus, 1 x Fourth Piece of Focus

Vendor: 1 x Grelwood Shank, 1 x Beltimber Blade and Orb of Fusing

Vendor: 60 x Ring

Vendor: 1 x Delve "Meadow" Ring, 1 x Delve "Mountain" Ring, and 1 x Delve "Valley" Ring (See Variant Section)

Harvest Craft: 1 x Harbinger Unique Item/Unique Piece, 1 x "Change a Harbinger Unique or Unique Piece into a random Beachhead Map" Harvest Craft (low chance)

Reward Unique Items

Race Season 01

Race Season 02

Race Season 03

Race Season 04

Race Season 05

Race Season 06

Race Season 07

Race Season 08

Race Season 09

Race Season 10

Race Season 11

Race Season Emberwake

Race Season Bloodgrip

Race Season Soulthirst

Race Season Winterheart

Race Season Medallion

Synthesis Flashback Event

December 2020 and December 2021 Events

Player vs. Player Season 01

Player vs. Player Season 02

Starting Items (Void Events)

Upgraded Unique Items

Upgrade Currency listed in the spoiler title. Spoilers contain the reagent and upgraded item.
Breach Upgrade, Blessing of Xoph

Breach Upgrade, Blessing of Esh

Breach Upgrade, Blessing of Tul

Breach Upgrade, Blessing of Uul-Netol

Breach Upgrade, Blessing of Chayula

Harbinger Upgrade, Harbinger Orb

White Map,

Yellow Map,

Red Map,

Harbinger Upgrade, Specularity Scroll

Harbinger Upgrade, Fragmentation Scroll

Harbinger Upgrade, Electroshock Scroll

Harbinger Upgrade, Deregulation Scroll

Harbinger Update, Time-light Scroll

Harbinger Update, Haemocombustion Scroll

Apex of Ascension, Vial of Awakening

Apex of Ascension, Vial of Consequence

Apex of Ascension, Vial of Fate

Apex of Ascension, Vial of Summoning

Apex of Ascension, Vial of the Ritual

Apex of Ascension, Vial of Dominance

Apex of Ascension, Vial of the Ghost

Apex of Ascension, Vial of Transcendence

Apex of Ascension, Vial of Sacrifice

Unique Maps have what I call a soft restriction. If the completion status for a given unique map is "incomplete" it can be dropped from any connected maps on the atlas, or from Map reward containers. If the completion status for a given unique map is "complete", "Atlas Bonus" or "Awakening Objective" it can drop from any source that would be able to drop a map of that tier. Synthesis Maps, which do not appear on the atlas, can drop from any map boss starting in T11 (red tier) maps.
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Working on embedding these items in this reply post to the thread, but it will take time to have the post complete, or at least more complete... https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1835899/page/20#p24697752
Unique Items with Variants

Some unique items in game have the ability to roll with one or more mods from a pool of selected mods. This resource will not be providing a full list of all the options for items with variations, but instead list the items with a general sense of the variables that are possible.

  • Poorjoy's Asylum
    This map has the mod "Unique Boss drops (10 to 15) additional Rare <Item Class>." <Item Class> can be one of 22 different base item types.
  • Doryani's Invitation
    This Atziri belt can drop with a focus on one of four damage types; Physical, Lightning, Cold, or Fire.
  • Atziri's Splendour
    This Uber Atziri chest armor can drop in nine variants, each focusing on a different, or multiple, defenses; Armour, Energy Shield, Evasion, Armour/Energy Shield(with Max Life), Armour/Energy Shield(with Max ES), Armour/Evasion, Energy Shield/Evasion(with Max Life), Energy Shield/Evasion(with Max ES), or Armour/Energy Shield/Evasion.
  • The Dark Seer
    Can have +1 Life/ES per character level, +1 ES/Mana per character level, or +1 Life/Mana per character level
  • Vessel of Vinktar
    This flask can spawn with one of five damage modifiers; added lightning damage to spells, added lightning damage to attacks, lightning damage penetrates resistances, a portion of your physical damage is converted to lightning damage, or increased shock effect with shock proliferation.
  • Eyes of the Greatwolf
    This Talisman drops with two random implicit modifiers from any of the other talisman base types, except the Black Maw Talisman.
  • Skin of the Lords
    This upgraded Breach Chest has one random keystone from the passive tree, excluding Chaos Inoculation and Necromantic Aegis.
  • Yriel's Fostering
    This chest piece from the Pale Court can spawn with the focus on one of three de-buffs; Bleed(with Drop Bears), Poison(with Snakes), or Maim(with Rhoas).
  • Unique Items with Abyssal Sockets
    Unique items with Abyssal sockets can drop with either one or two Abyssal sockets. Exceptions to this are Darkness Enthroned which only drops with two, and Shroud of the Lightless which now only drops with one.
  • Watcher's Eye
    The Elder jewels dropped during the elder encounter will always have two aura modifiers while jewels dropped during the uber elder encounter will always have three aura modifiers.
  • Shadowstitch
    This corrupted Sacrificial Garb, an outcome of the 'Locus of Corruption,' is a six linked chest guaranteed with two of the chest corrupted implicit mods.
  • String of Servitude
    This unique belt only drops from the Vaal Omnitect in the Temple of Atzoatl. It drops with any one of the belt corrupted implicit mods.
    Item level 82+ belts have a chance to drop with two corrupted implicit mods.
  • Aul's Uprising
    This unique Amulet has a focus on all or one of the attribute stats. The all attributes version provides the Envy skill, and the modifier 'Envy reserves no mana.' The single attribute versions provide a 'reserves no mana' modifier to a random aura aligned with the attribute. Example: A dexterity based version might have Hatred reserves no mana, or a strength based version might have Vitality reserves no mana, etc.
  • Precursor's Emblem
    The rings used in the recipe will dictate the base type of the resulting Precursor's Emblem, and influence the charge modifies. Example: All three ruby component rings will create a ruby Precursor's Emblem with three Endurance Charge modifiers, two sapphire and one topaz ring will create a two-stone(cold & Lightning) Precursor's Emblem with two Power Charge mods and one Frenzy Charge mod, one of each will create a prismatic Precursor's Emblem with a mod for each type of charge, etc.
  • Doryani's Delusion
    This unique pair of boots only drops from The Apex Assembly in the Doryani's Machinarium unique map. During the map you will make choices to augment the boss three times. Each time choosing between fire, cold, or lightning. The buff to minions chooses base, claw chooses added damage, and bludgeon chooses the Purity.
  • Veiled Unique Items
    Veiled Unique items can have one, two, or five "Veiled" mod, each one can be unveiled for one of three options
  • Synthesised Unique Items
    Synthesised unique items (from Cortex and the four unique Memory Maps) will drop with between 1 - 3 synthesis implicit mods.
  • Circle of Anguish, Fear, Guilt, Nostalgia, and Regret
    These rings can only drop from Memory Synthesis Map Bosses. Each ring has two of five possible herald modifiers.
  • Megalomaniac
    This unique cluster jewel drops corrupted, and has three cluster jewel notables. (List of notables in the above link)
  • Split Personality
    This unique jewel drops corrupted, and has two modifiers from the following list; Dex, Str, Int, Armour, Evasion, Energy Shield, Life, Mana, or Accuracy.
  • Triumvirate Authority
    This unsest ring can be generated with three or four socketed Vaal Skill mods

Relic Items
Unique items with a foil treatment are contained in The Reliquary. So far there have been three different reliquary keys introduced as limited time drops.
Ancient Reliquary Key
The Ancient Reliquary Key was introduced in Legacy League, and was focused on items that had legacy versions from Path of Exile's history. It contained:
  • 49 from Chest
  • 3 drops that could be upgraded to Fated forms

Timeworn Reliquary Key
The Timeworn Reliquary Key was introduced in Delve League, and was focused on League-Specific Unique Items. It contained:
  • 154 from Chest
  • 2 created by vendor recipe
  • 6 drops that could be upgraded via scroll

Vaal Reliquary Key
The Vaal Reliquary Key was introduced in Ultimatum League, and was focused on Vaal themed unique items. It contained:
  • 71 from Chests

Accounting for duplicate releases the total number of spots for Relic Items is 257. Additionally, there are 14 relic items with variants

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