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Welcome to the thread for the Path of Exile Unique Item List. The goal of this thread is to provide an embedded visual list of every unique item in Path of Exile. Additionally, this can be a place to consolidate conversations and sightings about new, or upcoming, unique items to the game. I understand most of these conversations have migrated to reddit, Discord, and other media platforms, but they are also welcomed and encouraged here.

Unique Collection Tab Structure
On the 11th of March, 2019, Grinding Gear Games introduced the Unique Collection Tab. A special premium stash tab designed to store one of each unique item in the game. The UCT is used as the framework for the structure of this thread. In addition to the standard pool of unique items, the UCT has spots for most items that can no longer be generated, and some unique item variants. The complete criteria for what will or will not have a dedicated spot or what variant items will be accepted, is not known to the community at this time.

The embedded item linking in the core posts follows the UCT sub-group order first followed by item order second. Each sub-group of the UCT is represented by the name of the sub-group (usually this is the item class), and a spoiler section to contain all of the individual items. The items are in the order they should appear when placed into the UCT. Generally speaking this is in alphabetical order respecting the first word (including 'A' and 'The') unless the item is part of an upgrade path or a replica. (Which does result in at least one funny item location in the tab, Replica Perfect Form)

NOTE: There are four items that seem like reasonable inclusions to the UCT, but currently do not have spots. I have embedded them within the thread, but they are not counted in the UCT Capacity number.
  • Demigod's Triumph (Alternate Artwork)
  • Demigod's Stride (Alternate Artwork)
  • Blood of Corruption (Alternate Artwork)
  • Demigod's Authority

Unique Item Acquisition Methods & Variants Structure
Path of Exile has different restrictions in the game for generating different unique items. These restrictions change over time. Sometimes being moved from one content source to another, or being moved from one content type to the global drop pool, or being taken from the global pool and having a restriction added. With the steady growth overtime of both unique items to the game, and the different league content, bosses, and modes of play I have switched maintenance of the different restrictions from this thread to the Unique Item List - Collection and Tracker (link below). This has made the information a little easier to manage, and track changes over time.

Beyond the ranges of different explicit mods, some unique items also have mod variants (some that can be rerolled and others that cannot). The vast majority of these variants do not fit into the Unique Collection Tab. I am not enough of a collector to be able to show enough variants to make an imbedded section worth it, and I think a general wall of text might not be very beneficial either (and could creep close to the character limit). Variant information is something tracked in the thread's associated spreadsheet, so I hope that is helpful.

Lastly there are foil versions of select unique items. With the added Voidborn Supporter packs and ability for the community to select different foil finishes for select unique items, that adds another variant option to collecting. Please see the Foil Item Page on the Community Wiki for a list and more information.

While much of the information on the above three topics is housed elsewhere, I will still answer any questions about acquisition, variants, or use of the spreadsheet as needed.

Maintenance and Support
Unique item staging will be done as a new post in the thread, following the same order as the UCT. This will keep a pseudo timeline of patch releases within the pages of the thread, and will require less editing of this main post. Items will be transferred into the core posts at the end of league to account for any unique items released during a major patch after the initial X.0.0 release.

The goal is to have all of the core posts updated before the close of the current expansion cycle. The preference is for each embedded item to be without enchantment, without special quality (catalysts), and un-corrupted/un-scourged (unless it is a requirement of the item existing). Having empty sockets is ideal.

Generally, I do not go back and update items for functionality or value changes. One of the other wikipedia sites, or the patch notes will be the most reliable source for knowing the current iteration of any given unique item. Alternatively, the official trade site is a good resource for value ranges, just keep the search to a current league, and not one of the parent leagues.

If anyone would like to support the maintenance and curation of this thread there are two specific elements I can mention here. If something is incorrect or missing, please point it out. I am not an avid collector of the event prizes (Demigod, Victor, and Alternate Art items), so my order might not be completely correct when compared to a more full UCT. I do not always obtain new unique items quickly into the league (if at all), so if you have one that I have not posted in the current accruing spoiler please link it here. If you are unsure how to post an item, click the character portrait at the top left of the page while posting a reply. This will open your inventory and stash, and clicking items in this window will insert them into your post.

External Resources
Unique Items Overview
  • The Community Wikipedia page providing an overview on unique items. Contains general context, design and acquisition, recipes, and links to related unique item lists

Timeline of Unique Items
  • The Community Wikipedia page providing a chronological list of unique items. The list is presented in reverse chronological order (newest at the top), and contains released items, pieces, some variant items. This list does not explicitly indicate Alternate Art items.

Unique Collection Ladder
  • A community run and community maintained ladder of unique item collection. This ladder pulls from the Trade API to index public UCT contents creating a ladder ranking for each league.

All4One Series Playlist
  • The video journal of lighty's quest to collect one of each unique item in the Solo-Self-Found game mode. Started in June of 2019 the series is presented as digest videos from the prior week(s) of gameplay, with highlights, voice over, and lite build guides.

All4One Google Sheet
  • A checklist and tracker for unique item collection, created and maintained by lighty. This sheet contains: a Home tab with welcome information and total collection progress; a NEW tab for newest releases; the collection tracking tabs for Accessories, Armour, Flasks, Weapons, Jewels, and Maps; League-Restricted and Boss-Restricted tabs for acquisition help; and a Change-Log. All items are provided with a link to their respective community wiki page. Also, this resource has an explanatory video found here(~6min).

Unique Item List - Checklist & Tracker (Google Sheet)
  • A checklist and tracker for unique item collection, created and maintained by ChronoExile. This sheet contains: a Home tab with a table of contents and total collection progress; a Unique tab for collection tracking with supporting release, item, collection, acquisition, and general information; an Info tab about Google Sheet functionality, display options, data validation, and document style choices; and an Updates tab. This resource does not have a companion video, but it does have this thread! So, feel free to post any questions, feedback or requests here.

UPDATE INFORMATION: The Unique Item List - Checklist & Tracker was updated on Apr 02, 2024

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to FaceLicker for creating and maintaining the initial version of this list for 2 years, to ignarsoll for maintaining its second incarnation for another 2 years, and to viperesque for keeping the third iteration alive for another year.

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