Unique Item List — [3.24] Current UCT Capacity: 1,419

New Unique Items 3.17

Ashes of the Stars

Crystallised Omniscience

Polaric Devastation

The Gluttonous Tide

The Annihilating Light

Black Zenith

Ceaseless Feast

Inextricable Fate

Sudden Dawn


Dissolution of The Flesh

Divine Inferno

Forbidden Flame

Forbidden Flesh

Melding of the Flesh

With the removal of the Watchstones from the game the total number of UCT items is reduced by 15. However, the new unique items introduced this patch also number 15. The total number for the UCT is still the same at 1,316.
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The two boss drops

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping this post updated.
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Hi guys , question, might any of you know a place, where I can find all Path of Exile uniques list in form of spreadsheet or so ?
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Jideament wrote:
I just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping this post updated.

You are welcome. I am glad it is still helpful to people. I can be a little delayed on updates (and responces) but feedback and corrections are always welcome.

Spirituus wrote:
Hi guys , question, might any of you know a place, where I can find all Path of Exile uniques list in form of spreadsheet or so ?

What kind of details are you looking for in the list?

Lighty has a sheet he maintains for the All4One project (here.) There is also the "Timeline of Unique items" page on the wiki (which has more detail than this thread, but also lists variants and elements that do not fit in the UCT). There was a shared sheet from this thread post from about four years ago. Additionally the Badger Private League site has a section for unique tracking, with decent visual breakdowns[edit - not a full list, only used for those subsections of unique items relevant for a given BPL challenge]. I also have an administrative spreadsheet I use for thread item order to help maintain my sanity when adding new items to the core posts.
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The 3.17 unique items have all been linked in the main posts. Assuming the patch notes are accurate for 3.18 (6 new unique), they have all already been revealed as part of the announcement video.

As they come from higher tier content... I'll likely need a little bit of help in acquiring them in the forums.

3.18 Unique Items

The Eternal Struggle (Onyx Ammy)

Call of the Void (Sapphire ring)

The burden of Truth (Crystal belt)

Echoes of Creation (Royal Burgonet)

Impossible Escape (Viridian jewel)

Sublime Vision (Prismatic)

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Qbenn wrote:

Thank you for posting! I have no idea what killed the prior one I linked, but this completes the embedded items again.

Unique Item List
Additional Variants

I might not be able to find and link all of the different items that have variants, but are not accounted for in the Unique Collection Tab. However, I am going to identify and strive to embed many of them. I will use this post as a staging ground for the ongoing work in progress (although some of them will undoubtedly be limited in presentation as representative samples)

Note: This will not account for Legacy items. Please see the Patch Notes or the Community Wiki for legacy changes over time.

Atlas Variations
All maps on the atlas have been changed over time, as part of a static atlas or the dynamic watchstone or voidstone atlas. At the moment I am choosing to not embed maps that only have variation caused by map tier.

Items with Modifier variants
Cinderswallow Urn (sample)

Vessel of Vinktar (all, missing 1)

Aul's Uprising (all, missing 13)

Eyes of the Greatwolf (sample)

Impresence (Chaos, Full) (sample)
Impresence (Cold, Full) (sample)
Impresence (Fire, Full) (sample)
Impresence (Lightning, Full) (sample)
Impresence (Physical, Full) (sample)

Circle of Anguish (sample)

Circle of Fear (sample)

Circle of Guilt (sample)

Circle of Nostalgia (sample)

Circle of Regret (sample)

Precursor's Emblem (sample)

Precursor's Emblem (sample)

Precursor's Emblem (sample)

Precursor's Emblem (sample)

Precursor's Emblem (sample)

Precursor's Emblem (sample)

Precursor's Emblem (sample)

Triumvirate Authority (sample)

Triumvirate Authority (sample)

Vivinsect (sample)

Paradoxica (sample)

Replica Paradoxica (sample)

The Dark Seer (all)

Nebulis (sample)

The Crimson Storm (sample)

Cane of Kulemak (sample)

Doryani's Invitation (all)

Hyperboreus (sample)

String of Servitude (sample)

String of Servitude (sample)

Command of the Pit (all)

Offering to the Serpent (sample)

Storm's Gift (sample)

Tombfist (all)

Bubonic Trail (all)

Doryani's Delusion (Armour) (sample)

Doryani's Delusion (Energy Shield) (sample)

Doryani's Delusion (Evasion) (sample)

Body Armour
Atziri's Splendour (9)

Skin of the Lords (sample)

Yriel's Fostering (3)

Shroud of the Lightless (2)

Shadowstitch (~5)
The Queen's Hunger (sample)

Hale Negator (2)

Lightpoacher (2)

Mask of the Tribunal (sample)

The Devouring Diadem (sample)

Bitterbind Point (sample)

Perepiteia (sample)

Poorjoy's Asylum (sample)

Replica Poorjoy's Asylum (~5)

Forbidden Flame (sample)

Forbidden Flesh (sample)

Impossible Escape (sample)

Megalomaniac (sample)

Split Personality (sample)

Thread of Hope (5)

Watcher's Eye (sample)

Watcher's Eye (sample)

Other Variants
Items with variants other than modifiers, including base types
Bloodgrip (2)

Story of the Vaal (2)
Voidforge (2)

Wings of Entropy (2)

Disintegrator (2)
Dying Breath (2)
Pillar of the Caged God (2)
The Searing Touch (2)

Asphyxia's Wrath (2)
Blackgleam (3)

Maloney's Nightfall (2)
Rearguard (2)
Saemus' Gift (2)
Scorpion's Call (2)
Steelworm (2)
The Signal Fire (3)
Voidfletcher (3)

Auxium (2)

Allelopathy (2)
Architect's Hand (2)
Meginord's Vise

Dance of the Offered (2)

Body Armour
Garb of the Ephemeral (2)
Infernal Mantle (2)
The Eternity Shroud (2)

Indigon (2)
Mask of the Spirit Drinker (2)

Apep's Slumber (2)
Kongming's Stratagem (2)
Manastorm (2)

Altered Distant Memory (2)
Augmented Distant Memory (3)
Cortex (2)
Replica Cortex (2)
Rewritten Distant Memory (2)
Twisted Distant Memory (2)

Relic Items
Items with a foil treatment

Atziri's Promise

Blood of the Karui
Divination Distillate

Lavianga's Spirit
Rumi's Concoction
Soul Catcher
Soul Ripper
Taste of Hate
Vessel of Vinktar
Zerphi's Last Breath

Atziri's Foible
Blood of Corruption
Choir of the Storm
Daresso's Salute
Eye of Chayula
Eyes of the Greatwolf
Hinekora's Sight
Natural Hierarchy
Night's Hold
Presence of Chayula
Rigwald's Curse
Sacrificial Heart
The Anvil
The Ascetic
The Halcyon
The Pandemonius
Victario's Acuity
Voice of the Storm
Voll's Devotion
Xoph's Blood
Xoph's Heart
Zerphi's Heart

Berek's Grip
Berek's Pass
Berek's Respite
Brinerot Mark
Death Rush
Dream Fragments
Gifts from Above
Kaom's Sign
Kaom's Way
Mark of Submission
Mutewind Seal
Ngamahu's Sign
Redblade Band
Rigwald's Crest
Shavronne's Revelation
Tasalio's Sign
The Pariah
The Taming
Thief's Torment
Triumvirate Authority
Valako's Sign

Cybil's Paw
Hand of Thought and Motion
Hand of Wisdom and Action

Arakaali's Fang

Apep's Rage

Edge of Madness
Ephemeral Edge
Fate of the Vaal
Rebuke of the Vaal
Rigwald's Command
Severed in Sleep
Story of the Vaal
The Rippling Thoughts
The Surging Thoughts
United in Dream

Atziri's Disfavour
Rigwald's Savagery
Soul Taker
The Harvest
Uul-Netol's Embrace
Uul-Netol's Kiss
Wings of Entropy

Breath of the Council
Brutus' Lead Sprinkler
Cerberus Limb
Doryani's Catalyst
Jorrhast's Blacksteel
The Dark Seer
The Supreme Truth

Lioneye's Glare
Reach of the Council
Xoph's Inception
Xoph's Nurture

Atziri's Rule
Cane of Unravelling
Pledge of Hands
Taryn's Shiver
The Enmity Divine
The Searing Touch
The Yielding Mortality

Rigwald's Quills
Soul Strike
The Fracturing Spinner
The Shattered Divinity

Ascent From Flesh
Coward's Chains
Coward's Legacy
Darkness Enthroned
Doryani's Invitation
Meginord's Girdle
Perandus Blazon
Soul Tether
String of Servitude
The Flow Untethered
The Retch
The Torrent's Reclamation
Umbilicus Immortalis

Architect's Hand
Atziri's Acuity
Craiceann's Pincers
Demon Stitcher
Doryani's Fist
Farrul's Pounce
Fenumus' Weave
Flesh and Spirit
Grip of the Council
Maligaro's Virtuosity
Null and Void
Offering to the Serpent
Sadima's Touch

Saqawal's Winds
Shadows and Dust
Slavedriver's Hand
Vaal Caress

Atziri's Step
Brinerot Whalers
Bubonic Trail
Craiceann's Tracks
Dance of the Offered
Doryani's Delusion (Armour)
Doryani's Delusion (Energy Shield)
Doryani's Delusion (Evasion)
Farrul's Chase
Fenumus' Spinnerets
Mutewind Whispersteps
Redblade Tramplers
Saqawal's Talons
Seven-League Step
Steppan Eard
The Blood Dance
The Infinite Pursuit
The Red Trail

Body Armour
Atziri's Splendour
Cloak of Defiance

Craiceann's Carapace
Farrul's Fur
Fenumus' Shroud
Hyrri's Ire

Kaom's Heart
Lightning Coil
Saqawal's Nest
Shavronne's Wrappings
Shroud of the Lightless
Skin of the Lords
Skin of the Loyal
The Covenant

The Perfect Form
The Queen's Hunger
The Rat Cage
The Snowblind Grace

Craiceann's Chitin
Crown of the Pale King
Farrul's Bite
Fenumus' Toxins
Mask of the Spirit Drinker
Mask of the Stitched Demon
Maw of Conquest
Mind of the Council
Saqawal's Flock
Scold's Bridle
The Bringer of Rain
The Formless Flame
The Formless Inferno
The Gull
The Tempest's Binding
The Tempest's Liberation
The Vertex
Ylfeban's Trickery

Aegis Aurora
Apep's Slumber

Apep's Supremacy
Atziri's Mirror
Atziri's Reflection
Brinerot Flag
Broken Faith
Crest of Perandus
Esh's Mirror
Esh's Visage
Lioneye's Remorse
Mutewind Pennant
Prism Guardian
Rathpith Globe
Redblade Banner
Rise of the Phoenix
Saffell's Frame

The Anticipation
The Immortal Will
The Oak
The Surrender
The Unshattered Will
Trolltimber Spire
Zeel's Amplifier

Doryani's Machinarium
The Perandus Manor
Vaults of Atziri

Chill of Corruption

Glorious Vanity
Tempered Flesh
Tempered Mind
Tempered Spirit

The Blue Dream
The Blue Nightmare
The Green Dream
The Green Nightmare
The Red Dream
The Red Nightmare
Transcendent Flesh
Transcendent Mind
Transcendent Spirit
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In addition to the normal hunt for the newly released unique items there are a few other questions I will be monitoring.
  • What Ultimatum unique items were reintroduced?
    All six items are back in the game as Trialmaster drops.
  • Verify the removal of all other Fated Unique items?
    So far none have been listed via trade.
  • What is the new Cameria recipe?
  • What additional items now have the relic treatment?
    Only item not yet confirmed via trade, or other media is Soul Ascension

3.19.0 (9/14)

14 new unique items
Kalandra's Touch, Ring

The Poised Prism, Primal Arrow Quiver

Kaom's Spirit, Titan Gauntlets

Soul Ascension, Carnal Mitts (Elder, Shaper's Realm w/ Keystone)

Elvore, Wolf Pelt

Ghostwrithe, Silken Vest

Thrillsteel, Barbute Helmet

Grand Spectrum, Crimson Jewel (+1 Endu)
Grand Spectrum, Cobalt Jewel (Minion Multi)
Grand Spectrum, Viridian Jewel (+1 Frenzy)
Grand Spectrum, Viridian Jewel (Avoid Ailments)
Grand Spectrum, Crimson Jewel (%Life)

Grand Spectrum, Cobalt Jewel (+1 Power)
The Tower of Ordeals, Engraved Ultimatum

Deadly End, Ultimatum Aspect

Victorious Fate, Ultimatum Aspect

Will of Chaos, Ultimatum Aspect

Ignominious Fate, Ultimatum Aspect

Thread Maintenance To-Do-List
  • Infused Beachhead is now Harbinger(Beachhead t15) content restricted (not Recipe)
  • The Tower of Ordeals is a recipe item
  • Move existing Grand Spectrum to Lab content restriction spoiler
  • Fix the 3.8.0 disabled spoiler (Fluid Motion is not restricted)
  • Add Deadly End to restriction for Ahuatotli, the Blind
  • Add Victorious Fate to restriction for Uber Atziri
  • Add Will of Chaos to restriction for The Vaal Omnitect
  • Add Ignominious Fate to restriction "Unique Map" Vaal Temple Map
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