Unique Item List — [3.19] Current UCT Capacity: 1,371

3.20.X (16/20)

20 new unique items
Oriath's End
Doedre's Tongue

Eternal Damnation


Original Sin


The Winds of Fate

Entropic Devastation

Annihilation's Approach


Sandstorm Visage

Wilma's Requital


Immutable Force

Rational Doctrine

The Balance of Terror


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New Patch, New League, New Unique Items to track down.
3.21.X (16/16)

Bloodsoaked Medallion, Amber Amulet

Tainted Pact, Coral Amulet

Soulbound, Paua Ring

The Redblade, Gladius

Widowhail, Crude Bow

The Geomantic Gyre, Highborn Staff

Centure of Benevolence, Cloth Belt

Chain of Endurance, Chain Belt

Stormseeker, Ambush Mitts

Tanu Ahi, Wyrmscale Gauntlets

Orbala's Stand, Eelskin Boots

The Fourth Vow, Devout Chainmail

Blood Price, Reaver Helmet

El'Abin's Visage, Fencer Helm

Ancestral Vision, Viridian Jewel

Bloodnotch, Crimson jewel

In addition to the new 3.21.X items to track down, a few 3.19 and 3.20 items are missing in this thread. Please see the spoilers in the last two thread posts for the missing items.
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