Additional Performance Improvements

Your last year of "performance improvements" have been massive steps backwards, after 2+ solid years of actually making the game more enjoyable.

I remember when the game had oh so many massive issues, that were getting addressed, then all of a sudden, the game's performance is getting worse and worse and worse over the last 9 months or so.

It's very frustrating having 2-3 fps in Tul breaches, and it's even worse knowing you knew it's just a continuation of the 0 fps for 15 seconds that perandus packs brought to the game, yet you STILL released tul breaches...
How about people whose CPU bottlenecks with shadows off, due to lack of multithreading and then GPU bottlenecks with shadows on?

Yeaaah, thought so.

Game not turning into a slideshow on youtube videos> Game looking pretty on youtube videos.

Also: The game with shadows doesn't look much better... Tbh, I prefer the no-shadows version.

Avert thy gaze, child!
Looking forward to it

Its been 2 patchs that ive been forced to play Predictive because Lockstep results in this

on predictive i have 30ms and 60fps, steady
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I don't get it why is rendering on DirectX 9 with shadow "off" is comparable to DirectX 11 on "low"?

Souldn't they both be on low or off to be comparable?
As soon as it's possible to completely disable shadows in DX11, I switch to it immediately.
Well... Good, I guess?
Got some extra fps with that previous multi-threading patch, but also got some serious lag problems. Hope this one will be better and fix that...
There is a sure way to die.

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GGG, can we get clarification that dual and tri-core CPU users can choose/force on this multithreading via an ingame option or command line switch? Previously you'd said you detect quad-core CPUs and didn't enable multithreading for less cores.

Especially in light of
These further performance gains are only relevant if you were previously CPU-bound
, users with weaker/older CPUs are likely to only have 2-3 cores, and need to be able to assess this multithreading themselves, rather be denied it for lack of 4 cores.
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does this mean i can have more than 7 fps in a breach ?
Ravenstrider wrote:

Also: The game with shadows doesn't look much better... Tbh, I prefer the no-shadows version.

I agree for some environments. In dungeons and dark environments i like shadows off, but in Forest Encampment and Sarn and some sunny outdoor areas, Shadows bring it to life for me. It's always been an aesthetic dilemma for me, TBH. LOL

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