Additional Performance Improvements

performance upgrades are the best, keep them coming GGG :)
Video cards up to 8 years old should all support DirectX 10 and by extension, DirectX 9 EX. The previous performance patch added DirectX 9 EX support which is an improvement in performance for those that strangely dislike DirectX 11.
Computer specifications:
Windows 10 Pro x64 v1809 | Intel i7 920 @ 3.6GHz | ASUS P6T Motherboard | 24GB 1520MHz DDR3 RAM | MSI Geforce 1070Ti Gamer | Corsair AX 760watt PSU | Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD
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Just being "that guy" and reiterating that my computer handles poe with no issues whatsoever

I have it V-sync'd at 70 fps and all max settings.

No I dont own some $2,000 computer.

If you have $ for new games that u buy solely because you can get by with them on your potato desktop; maybe show restraint, and save that 50 bucks from Nana or whatever x-mas fun and put it towards hardware upgrades instead.
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Hmm maybe I should wait with my CPU upgrade, at least until this patch comes out...
MrCoo1 wrote:
Isn't GPU usually the bottleneck?

Nowadays the CPU bottleneck is more frequent. Ppl usually have good GPU's but games with lot of stuff happening at the same time need a lot of calculating power as well to keep feeding GPU with stuff. DX11 client helped this a lot bcause it does utilize multithreading which spreads the load to all cores and the upcoming patch should improve it even further.
Effectively stating that those that use the Direct X 9 version without shadows will no longer have any reason not to upgrade to the Direct X 11 version with shadows enabled (unless they arbitrarily hate shadows for some reason). Performance will no longer be what holds people back from the switch to Direct X 11.

its not about performance - at least for me - but being forced to "live" with shadows opens up a demand of a gamma correction (at least), which the game also not offers atm.
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You keep adding performance improvement patches and my game keeps getting worse...
"What's do you what?" - Kira of the Maraketh

CAN YOU please solve this?
Pc specs:
Cpu:i5 4460 3.20 GHZ
GPU: Sapphire Radeon Dual-X R9 380 2GB
Ram: 8 GB
stanchA wrote:
add "--noasync" to launch command

I have stand-alone client,how to add that command to stand-alone ?Ty.

Make a link file to your client. In these' properties you can add the parameter(s) to the command line.
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Thank you!
This patch has solved my latency fps spike drops!

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