Why does POE hate standard players?

Well i'm a standard player and....

Who cares about legacy gear, GGG has proven that they're able to destroy these items at any time.
Only league players care for legacy gear, wonder why.

Nobody cared how many SOJs you've payed for Item XY last ladder season in D2.

Trading is like within leagues. Only differnce, players gonna tell you they can't switch because they're in league.(Why da fuck you index your items in standard?)

Balance/drop rates in standard/league are equal/same shit, the only diffenrce you get the broken stuff earlier than standard.
After 3 months GGG "balance" the content(good joke huh?) and than maybe it goes live in standard/core game or it is gated behind currency in standard.

But the funniest part about league/players is .... jokes about D3 devs because they give their audience items that are to some point tested within the new season content while GGG gives you every 3 months broken untested stuff so you get the i'm so OP/they're developing feeling while imho they 100% failed to evolve their game(not talking about performance improvement).
I'm still playing the same game i've played during beta just with more zones/maps and bloated with 99% shit uniques and unbalanced gameplay.

Ok they are transforming their game now into some DpsSpeedOMeter so they just failed 99% on evolve their game. ;)

Selffound FTW!!!!
Well its one of major flaw of GGG philosophy. Abandoming standard they abandomen 80% of their playerbase.

Just like OP wrote, nobody sane will want to reply the same content more than 2 maybe 4 times at most. People and GGG think badly, because their views are limited to "but most of our playerbase is playing leagues" where my reply to that is always the same "because the playerbase that would be interested in standard has already left the game".

ARPG have crowd of million of interested people, its stupidity to focus on what you already have only. Company goal should be to gather as many people as they want, so they should always ask themself "how to get people that are not playing our game yet?"

Also we dont have elite players here, since the game is not skill based. WE got only few smarter players that know how to abuse mechanics. So people words here dont matter at all when they fight with each otehr what is better.

On the end GGG philosophy kill their own game or limit it potential wery much.

Additionaly economy isnt ruined by players but by its design. Players use it and abuse as much as they can, but its the one who design how you can abuse it is responsible for how to run on long term. POE economy is designed under short term conditions so its totall failure to interest players on the long run.
i just wish there was something interesting going on in standard .. the spawn rates of content are pretty abysmal as the leagues leave a pretty huge gaping whole where their respective gimmick was

in standard you just have all the diluted shit .. give us beyond for a week or something..

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