Christmas Microtransactions!

How are the MTX stash tab improvements coming along?

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give moar Power Creep Pls

I kind of wish they did a Christmas Box instead of the Stormcaller Box. :\
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That yeti mask looks so much like Krampus. I LOVE IT !!
Yeah, a bit big though. Hopefully they scale it down a little bit or something.

Want but cant buy right now, doubt ill be able to get it. RIP.
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20-30 dollar for a single effect.

In my opinion a we had enough wings and shiny fancy shit.

I loved the xmas backpack MTX (the 1st?) with the cut off hand sticking out and stuff.
it looked dark.
Darker then the demon wings do.

i got exited when i saw "xmas MTX" but i am kinda dissapointed..

merry xmas to all though, i love the game.
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So only 3 new MTX for the Christmas holiday? You guys could have capitalized on this.. what is going on at the office? Rogue employee causing trouble or what? I have a feeling something is going on
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Setharial wrote:
are these timed exclusive or are they available throughout the year?

lol, theres always someone who decides to ask questions without actually reading the post.
What's with all these force field discipline belt MTX?

Maligaros is dated. Got something else besides a sphere?
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Yeti mask - meh looks rushed

Character effect - doesn't look all that good tbh

Wings - not as good compared to previous wings i.e raven wings

prices are really high too for what they are, was really hoping for better xmas mtx's, last year we had snow.
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Pooterd wrote:
I hate to be this guy but the quality of these doesn't really look as good as other mtx ive seen

I agree with you.
What kind of christmas gift is this? Look at those prices too.

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