Christmas Microtransactions!

Will buy more stuffs after they fix the game.
The "Yeti" mask is a Perchta mask.

In fact, the mask itself is copied from a photo of a Perchta mask from that wiki entry:

Or perhaps more likely, the Krampus mask was based on that Perchta mask.

Perchta was a Southern Germanic goddess, whose name is from Beorhta - meaning The Shining One. She's a cognate with Hulda in Northern Germany and Hulda/Beorhta were probably originally local versions of Frigg/Freya (in the same way that Wotan is Odin).

Perchta was celebrated during the Winter Solstice and (like the other Germanic goddesses mentioned) was associated with spinning by the fireside on dark nights. She and her assorted other goddesses are also variously connected to the Wild hunt (that is, wild winter storms). Her celebrations took place over the course of dark days between the old year and the next, which eventually came to be the Twelve Days of Christmas. Once that got coopted by the Christians (and really - nothing is dumber than Christians acting like they invented Christmas. You're right - this non-PC stuff is fun!) They demonized Perchta and started calling her a devil, hence the ugly masks (although, of course, you call her Frau Perchta to her face!)

In the Germanic region, Perchta has become a traditional figure sort of like La Befana. You can still see local festivals, with both ugly and beautiful masks, and parades, and treats for the kiddies, often on or around Epiphany (which is Twelfth Night.) And of course, the Krampus figure is also related to these customs.

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