Christmas Microtransactions!

Yeti is awesome xD
are these timed exclusive or are they available throughout the year?
That Yeti MASK !!!
The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent.!
And remember exiles, good loot it's a illusion.
He heh, it's a snow globe!
Shit i guess i will have to buy more points :') need those wings in my collection also vampire wings when they finally go in the store xD
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
Can we get snow too :D
WTF does a Yeti have to do with Christmas ? was it hiding in the stable behind the manger?
here i was, thinking a Blade Flurry and Scorching Ray MTX... FeelsBadMan with a gun
Wings and globe look nice but yhat Yeti helm is ugly though... that tongue especially.
I hate to be this guy but the quality of these doesn't really look as good as other mtx ive seen

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