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To celebrate the holiday season we're releasing three new appropriately-themed microtransactions! Even though we're relaxing in the sun for Christmas here in New Zealand, for much of the world it's snowing! In the spirit of winter we have three new arctic-themed microtransactions, the Arctic Character Effect and the Arctic Wings. We're also introducing the Yeti Mask that will only be available during the December/January holiday period!

Arctic Wings

Arctic Character Effect

Yeti Mask (Christmas-Exclusive)

The Yeti Mask is exclusive to the December/January holiday period and will be available from now until January 10th (NZT). While the mask may be available in the future during the holiday period, it won't be available in the store outside of these times. The Arctic Wings and Character Effect are not exclusive to Christmas and will be available in the store as normal microtransactions.

You can check out all the new microtransactions in store here. Happy Holidays everyone!
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cool ;)
cool stuff :D
Reminder that good goys give GGG AT LEAST 10% of their earnings!
If you don't, you have absolutely NO right to complain about the game or its """problems""".
Freeloaders BTFO !
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3.14 - Removed Harvest from the game.
slit my wrists baby
gimme money bitch
what is this...?
Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲
nice wings

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