[2.6] -273,15 °Crit-Trapper (Shaper farmer, deathless) + Budget Version (below 3 exa)


TL;DR: Use Fire trap or nerfed pyre with Cold->Fire Gem

2.6 pretty fucked us here. Because of the Pyre nerf.

i posted a ~possible~ solution, still the build will suffer.
here the post:

you would probably drop less duration for cold->fire to reach 90% conversion. thats probably a loss of around 25% dmg, which sux but hey what else can you do... maybe go for fire trap instead but then you have again the down-sides of firetrap. but now that ice trap is much weaker maybe fire trap is worth considering.

i would like to quote post from page 2 here:

hankinsohl wrote:
But have you tried this build with Fire Trap instead? That way you could free up Pyre and replace it with a DPS/stats/resist ring; you'd also get burning ground for a bit more damage that way as well.

the cool thing about fire trap is that it has 20% higher base crit. i never tried it out tho because i've read that the radius is not satisfying, you might have not the overlap effect of ice trap (which is not important for boss fights tho).
the crit of ice trap is enough and Pyre also gives some resistances and 30%+ burning damage, which is no double dip modifier ofc.
also you have 50% higher cooldown with firetrap which sounds very limiting to me.
maybe you could pick firetrap and drop some crit nodes from tree so you still have 60%+ crit. could go for +1 curse node and pick +1 curse amulet to have dual curse instead of Purity. but this is really expensive end-tier shit. and not really necessary

edit: tried out 20/20 fire trap on shaper, the longer cooldown is really annoying, very hard to protect zana with it. the burning ground does literally 0 damage and the clearing purpose between the stages the AoE of ice trap is MUCH better


avatar of fire is shit because you can't use elemental equilibrium anymore.

Hi guys. As everyone here creates some fancy build names I welcome you to my new build

The -273,15 °Crit-Trapper
... :P

Everything below is from 2.5 so the numbers are not accurate

Build Info

This is an Ice Trap build which uses the commonly used Pyre to convert all cold damage to fire. I have a crit setup with 5 power charges (permanent sustain) which result in having over 60% crit. crit = ignite. so besides conflux we have a reliable way to apply ignites by traps.

Cool thing about traps is that we have additionally 10% fire penetration (High Explosives). Also it’s easy to acquire much trap damage modifiers, which will double dip with the initial hit AND ignite.

You can run this build in the shown normal setup or as a Budget Version (check the Gearing Guide).
I would guess that the cost of the budget version is roughly 3 exa. This includes fusing, 2x Essence of Horror attempts, solid jewellery, 2x doryani. This does NOT include high level gems. getting each gem 20/20 will be expensive and probably another exa. So for endgame you probably need like 4 exa. But that's it! 4 exa to beat the content. Not uber atziri tho :[

This section contains some numbers. Maybe interessting for some people is how does a 4L (with 30% More elemental damage) perform vs 5L and 6L.

Dmg Comparision

6L: 100%
4L with 30% More Elemental Damage (Essence of Horror): 82%
5L: 60%

Numbers against bosses

DPS vs Shaper (40 Fire Res, 60% curse effect reduction, no Shock): 970k
DPS vs Atziri (30 Fire Res, 60% curse effect reduction): 2,6M
DPS vs Mobs:

Build Background

All DPS considerations based on my old vortex build. I wanted to find something which doesn’t need close combat but still utilized ice spells. After muuuuch theorycrafting (assa vs elementalist vs saboteur) I can say that this version is the best combination of high ES and good damage. Elementalist's "Mastermind of Discord" Node is just too good, that's why I would not pick Assassin. Otherwise Assa is bit superior. Also Pendulum is nice to have and gives you from time to time ~15% more dmg :x

Hrimburn is cool for perfect elemental equilibrium application BUT when you have 100% Fire Damage as a hit every Fire Damage% Node is double dipping, so finally I decided to go for Pyre instead of Hrimburn.

Build Features


1) Safe mapping up to T16, also thanks to flasks
2) 10k ES+Shield Block
3) 1x Purity for nice Res boost
4) Atziri/Uber Izaro faceroll. Shaper viable.
5) Budget Version possible
6) Reflect proof!


1) Ignite is important for the damage. Don't run ignite-immune maps (never tried, the base dmg is probably still enough until T16) and probably not Phoenix.
2) Budget Version needs Essence of Horror, can be expensive to craft helmet with big resistances (not necessary imo).
3) no speedy gonzales map clearer. I minmaxed the build to kill bosses nicely



Use any jewel with Trap/Area/Fire/Inc Dmg + Max ES for the few slots. All these double dip. 5-15c per jewel.

1) Shaper of Desolation
2) Pendulum of Destruction
3) Mastermind of Discord (gets triggered by Orb of Storms)
4) Liege of the Primordial

no need ele prolif from beacon of ruin, if you really really want it then put ele prolif gem into your sockets but i don't recommend it, the ice trap overlap (by inc aoe)+cluster traps is enough to kill any mobs T16+ instantly


These are just suggestions... The only real important thing is to get Clever Construction asap, because otherwise enemies can destroy your traps; it's super annoying.

Between lvl 45 and lvl 60 you can start going for crit, because power charges are easily generated via Blast Cascade. As soon as you spec into crit you should start wearing the Pyre Ring so your crits will apply ignites. Now the shit starts rolling

These days ES Gear is getting cheaper and cheaper so I think (at least for SC) it's probably not necessary to get Life first. I aimed for Chaos Innoculation between lvl 60 and lvl 70 but you could go for it earlier when you think you got nice ES gear. As soon as you pick up CI you also want those other ES boosters (Foresight, Arcane Focus, maybe also Unnatural Calm although i think it's a bit off)




Auras Budget: Elemental Weakness-Discipline-Clarity
Auras: Purity (i picked cold for ez shaper)-Discipline-Clarity

How can this be budget?
TL;DR answer: Use Essence of Horror on Helmet, 4L it and use IceTrap-CritChance-TrapDmg-ConcEffect/IncAoE. Use Elemental Weakness Aura. Use ES Gloves and 2x Doryani Scepters. Use a 4L 700+ ES Vaal Regalia.



40% ice trap enchant is by no means necessary, it boosts your dmg by 5%.
you might notice the 30% more elemental damage with socketed gems, you get this by Essence of Horror.
This is also the budget helmet. You can put
IceTrap-Crit Chance-Trap Dmg-Conc Effect into it and you have a pseudo 5L which is almost as strong as a 6L because 30% MORE ele dmg is a huge double dipper for ignites.


when you have a 30% More Ele Dmg helmet you don't need a 6L vaal regalia. just buy a chest with high ES without any sockets and make it 3 or 4L. 800ES+ did cost maybe 60c (at my time).
When running budget you put the aura gems into your chest and you're done

G-G-G-B-B-R is also possible (if you have problems with coloring)
meaning: Controlled Destruction instead of Rapid Decay. you lose Crit tho, but the damage is almost the same. rapid decay is still better so that's your aim!

Weapon / Off Hand

Budget: 2x Doryani + High ES Gloves (the second Doryani compensates the loss of 90% Crit Multi from facebreaker)


^ that's the reason you don't need ele weakness aura. since 2.5 90% facebreakers are now legacy. so you have to deal with 45% crit multi versions.

Budget: High ES gloves like
cost like 10c.


The boots are a plain source for ES, Resists. Would be cool to have movement speed. Im sooo slow 8[


You can drop valyrium if you lack Res. You probably won't have enough Res when you have 2x Doryani, unless gg gear.


Crystal Belt! Strength is also important here because that's our bottleneck



...more to come
deathless Shaper Kill
remind: i have 700 ES regalia + 200 ES Helmet, you can be much better! still deathless
another shaper faceroll
update: 770 regalia, 360 ES helmet. run #24. farming is really ez

Advertising other builds:
2.5 Fantasy of a Guardian, Poison BV as a LL Guardian, can do any content
2.5 Righteous Wormhole, self-cast Vortex Chieftain with perma RF, casual tanky mapper
2.5 Unicorn Fountain, Non-Meta MoltenStriker (highest DPS build i had so far), can do any content
2.5 The Death Cap, Poison Ice Trapper, Uber Atziri farmer
2.5 -273,15 °Crit Trapper, Igniting Ice Trap
pre 2.5 Vortex LL Occultist with huge ES Recovery

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added recent deathless shaper video
cant see the video :/
gimme a break man im still uploading, didnt expect anyone to look into it the next few minutes :D

edit: ok now it's really up!
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Why you prefer ice trap and don't :trap + vortex ?
Ty for reply?

1. trap support was changed so that the "more" multiplier only applies on hit, not double dipping for ignite. also quality on trap-support is absolutely useless.
the option would be: vortex+trap support (39% more for the vortex hit, which is still not bad)
my option is: icetrap+rapid decay/less duration (39% more for DoT, which is also not a double dip modifier/19% more for both)

2. and the cool thing about rapid decay and less duration is that your full ignite damage is dealt over a shorter timeframe (=DPS) and also you can apply a new ignite faster, so the total damage is higher if reduced/less effect duration. imho
sure you have the bonus of spell damage doubledipping but in my tree is almost no spell damage (all in all 36% with 5 PCs)

3. ice trap has higher base damage than vortex

4. also enchants for ice trap (and lvl20 ice trap to vaal it to 21) is much cheaper than vortex afaik.

5. trap-support has 4 seconds cooldown, ice trap has 2 seconds! without being a saboteur it might suck

6. the big damage advantage of vortex comes from going lowlife (pain attunement, 30% more spell dmg, resulting in 23% extra dps), but this would with my momentanous gear result in 43% LESS ES! not sure if it's worth it

TL;DR: trap+vortex is a viable option, i find ice trap better tho

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Any clues on leveling? Seems to be a strong build! Congratz!!!
hey, i must admitt i fully respeced my old build into this one. but in general i experienced leveling a trap build is pretty easy. it's important to pick up "clever construction" wheel first. in the meantime "blast radius" is always nice. but surviving traps are very important for the leveling. then i recommend "blast cascade" so you finally deal crits, "deep thoughts", "hasty reconstruction", "saboteur". make sure you pick up cluster traps/muli traps because this will be the ultra clear speed boost. rather level up with fire trap instead of ice trap, just go ice trap once u have pyre

also you just go dual-lifesprig + wanderlust + goldrim, sooner you can replace the wands for better high spell damage ones. spell damage is no advantage for endgame tho, that's the reason i pick doryanis.
Looks very nice.

You mentioned that you wanted to use an Ice skill and then convert damage to fire with Pyre for ignites.

But have you tried this build with Fire Trap instead? That way you could free up Pyre and replace it with a DPS/stats/resist ring; you'd also get burning ground for a bit more damage that way as well.
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great build, i make a little change, i switch the belt to sunblast cloth belt, it's more effective on clearing the maps and deal more damage, but as you said, it can cause the lack of strength.

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