[2.6] -273,15 °Crit-Trapper (Shaper farmer, deathless) + Budget Version (below 3 exa)

with the changes coming to vaal discipline in the upcoming patch, what would you replace it with?
i'd keep it. imo the nice feature of vaal discipline is that you perma recharge your shield. that's a huge help especially for trappers. because we don't leech or regen.
Was thinking of playing this for 2.6. What's your thoughts on getting cold->fire conversion now that the pyre only converts 40%? Was thinking of picking up avatar of fire for 50% conversion but that still means a big hit to both the fire damage dealt and the ignites. Thoughts?
you would probably drop less duration for cold->fire to reach 90% conversion. thats probably a loss of around 25% dmg, which sux but hey what else can you do... maybe go for fire trap instead but then you have again the down-sides of firetrap. but now that ice trap is much weaker maybe fire trap is worth considering.

i would like to quote post from page 2 here:

hankinsohl wrote:
But have you tried this build with Fire Trap instead? That way you could free up Pyre and replace it with a DPS/stats/resist ring; you'd also get burning ground for a bit more damage that way as well.

the cool thing about fire trap is that it has 20% higher base crit. i never tried it out tho because i've read that the radius is not satisfying, you might have not the overlap effect of ice trap (which is not important for boss fights tho).
the crit of ice trap is enough and Pyre also gives some resistances and 30%+ burning damage, which is no double dip modifier ofc.
also you have 50% higher cooldown with firetrap which sounds very limiting to me.
maybe you could pick firetrap and drop some crit nodes from tree so you still have 60%+ crit. could go for +1 curse node and pick +1 curse amulet to have dual curse instead of Purity. but this is really expensive end-tier shit. and not really necessary

edit: tried out 20/20 fire trap on shaper, the longer cooldown is really annoying, very hard to protect zana with it. the burning ground does literally 0 damage and the clearing purpose between the stages the AoE of ice trap is MUCH better


avatar of fire is shit because you can't use elemental equilibrium anymore.

Are you updating your tree for 2.6 or is it build nerfed too?


Yes, I'm also curious how this will do in 2.6.
hi man can you say me this build work on 2.6 update
this char is shit i buy all iteam and still die for fck ignite rly nice build bro rly fck nice build.
pls dont make more builds. two mobs ignite and instant die. gl hf
Why dont u go for Doom Cast and Anihilation?
Ice Trap is a Spell and these Crit Nodes add Crit to Ice Trap...just curious?!

Kind Regards

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