Progress Update for 2.4.2

Cloaked? Romulan invasion incoming?
Time to install a Tachyon detection grid in our hideouts.
Still no names of the 3 channeled skills >.<
any chance to have an optionnal full respec to adapt our build to those new skills ? (like a league start )
IGN TylordRampage
Cloaked in secrecy? We're Getting CAPES! Damn now ashrend isn't as cool anymore...
IGN standard: Squirrely_Chaos

Thanks for the update. Keep up the exceptional work :)
hype xD
Secret cross instance trading incoming xD
Hf :)
This game gets better and better on every patch... Good job I moved over from DIABLO 3 LOL..
Ya know, I have to wonder why the two patches weren't combined earlier, if work was being done on both of them concurrently.

Nevertheless, I do look forward to more than a Cloak of Flames teaser on the new channeled skills. Let us hope there will be sweet, sweet lightning...yes...
"There's also a cool little piece of tech in 2.4.2 that we haven't talked about yet, but we're going to leave it cloaked in secrecy for now…"

Tell us more, now i can't sleep. :D
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.

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