Progress Update for 2.4.2

Bex_GGG wrote:
cloaked in secrecy

Peculiar choice of words :>
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I get a new PC next monday and you also throw me new engine after my exams?
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Please let it be trading improvements. I would be so grateful if I didn't have to stop playing to go find some obscure thing someone wants to buy for an alteration.
"Massive engine improvements." Yes.
Great, another post about channeling without info any info! The hype is real.
I just hope that in this patch you would fix the issue with minions and auras that produce cumulative lag.
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Hopefully they add this AFTER they fix the whole 90% Chance of Dcing in lab.
Lag from Auras

Lag from Minions

Lag from Traps

Random DCs that should of been fixed in Beta.... wait are we still in Beta?
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My life will be complete once this game runs on dx11.
Trade improvements ?

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