In a previous news post, we explained our plans for the 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 patches. Today, we have prepared an update on their development status for you.

The team have been independently working on both updates. The 2.4.2 patch contains three new channelled skills, and the 2.4.3 patch contains massive engine improvements (an improved DirectX 9 update and the new DirectX 11 client). Both of these patches are almost ready, and both require quality assurance testing… at the same time.

The decision was made to combine the two together into one patch, because this saves having to test everything twice and also lets us take advantage of the new engine improvements for the skills (specifically meaning that we don't need to gather shaders twice: once before the engine update and once after).

The combined 2.4.2 patch is currently in testing and we're hoping to release it as soon as it's ready. The exact date is hard to pin down, due to the scope of the changes, but we're expecting a deployment window between November 10th and 17th. We know you've been anticipating playing with the new skills and that their release has kept slipping over the last couple of months. We're very sorry that they weren't ready earlier in the league. However, you'll get a chance to try them out and explore their possibilities before the next leagues start.

There's also a cool little piece of tech in 2.4.2 that we haven't talked about yet, but we're going to leave it cloaked in secrecy for now…
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