Content Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes and Updated Deployment Timeline

Well, the Decoy Totem nerfs finally showed up...
Nice! I like new content and microtransactions

But no fix to AMD machines running the game with bad performance? Its time to update the game engine with 64bit and DX12
The following Sextant mods can no longer be rolled:
Items dropped by Unique Boss are Corrupted
Players and Monsters have increased Damage per Curse on them
Players and Monsters have increased Critical Strike Chance
Maps have an additional random Property
Areas contain Forsaken Masters
Randomly dropped Items are Normal instead of Magic
Living Weapons
Players and Monsters take increased Damage while stationary,
While on Elemental Ground, Players have increased Damage of the associated Damage Type
Strongbox contents are Mirrored.

So nearly all of existing sextant mods were deemed pointless.
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Incinerate can now generate more than one charge per channel ???? I do not understand
Incinerate can now generate more than one charge per channel ???? I do not understand

Same here, can s1 explain?
Genorr wrote:
Incinerate can now generate more than one charge per channel ???? I do not understand

Same here, can s1 explain?

now, you can cast just 1 time incinerate and have 3 charges up. this is a possibility
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Holy R.N. GSUS Leo getting that upgrade. He is moving up in wraeclast. Now all he needs is a golden hook and the fur coat and he will set.
Still failing to solve "The Riddle of Melee" 4.0 HYPE!!!
THE EAGLES!!! (bleeds out from a wound to the gut because his armor and evasion both failed...again)
the eagles...are...coming...(coughs)...the eagles...
"Fixed a bug with the Essence mod where socketed gems deal more damage over time. It didn't affect some damage over time abilities."

Anyone know which gems weren't working?

I've been using this on the assumption it would boost my righteous fire damage, but it's difficult to determine if it's really working.

(I assume this refers to the Essence of Instanity glove mod)
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Notes summed up....

Fuck those casual pieces of shit. We are going to gate our content so fucking hard that only 1% of current POE players can get to Tier 8 maps.
Introduced new microtransaction skill effects: Imp Haste Aura, Carnage Vitality Aura, Trinity Purity of Elements Aura, Verdant Split Arrow Effect, Dragon Totem Skin.
Most totem skin microtransactions can now be applied to all types of totems (other than Ancestral totems).


While you are at it on totems

can you please make the Eagle totem Open wings and claps them on casting animation. 90$ is a bit too much for a simple statue that does nothing when it has the potential of being one of the greatest mtx by being animated
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