Atlas of Worlds Fan Art Competition

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HEre is my version of the minotaur fight.

Brain Rattler, the Minotaur map picture on each sides and Hinekora's Sight are the only items I tryed to copy 100% the rest is imagination and my own view of the fight and characters.

The marauder design is inspired of hulk and Kaom from the comic book. The archer is a totaly improvised design.

The minotaur look like a beast here, I chose to do it that way to keep some kind of mystic in the drawing I could not get with the composition.

So it is not a 100% accurate drawing but an interpretation.

What I did not draw is the background, it is a picture of the Atlas and is not my own art but a Photoshop collage from GGG art. The univers portal is a Photoshop collage and the picture come from the nasa database.
Poe Pvp experience
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hi, this is my favourit character.
Ranger and ready for the journey :)

my weak fanart
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This is my entry for the contest!
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Armillary sphere from the loading screen.

Made a little change to the PoE AoW logo
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Autumn Adventure

Clay, acrylics, a sunny day & a walk in the forest down the road.
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Hello everyone!

First of all i'd like to say that I love GGG for creating such amazing content with rich characters and beautiful universe. I love you. Please marry me GGG.

I'd like to present my entry for this contest! I used the 3D models from suport pack videos as reference to illustrate the Guardians so I had to improvise most of the details.

The full image is quite big so here's a link to a detailed version with all guardians in separate images.


So is it cool if I use the carnage set for this piece? Or do I have to do things more in the way of playable content?
Hi there.
I really like Hydra Guardian design. So, i decide to draw this one.

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Thiagolehmann, i was pressing refresh on this page from day one waiting for your masterpiece to pop up :D Once again, what you've done is mindblowing, you have such amazing discipline on your lines, and i love this whole card-like design of your works. ^_^

How come your Izaro piece isn't uploaded on your Artstation? :) Anyway, i hope you win!

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