Atlas of Worlds Fan Art Competition


Here is my entry, being pressed for time as I kinda found out bit late about the competition, lot of the stuff I intended to be much more detailed is not but really need to go to sleep now XD anyways - Zana realizes who her father is as his spectre looms ominously "above" her and whole realm. Had tons of fun with this one

Fullres here
[FanArt] Shaper Atlas Of World (Contest Submission)

Here is my submission for the contest!
My girlfriend made this cute shaper overnight.
My submission for the competition. The Shaper boss!

Here is my submission for the contest.

Ever since I saw the Atlas map, I thought to myself how suitable the map would be for a table top board game. 4 players would start from 4 corners, and work towards the inner circle to face the bosses and the Shaper himself.

The game will be played with dice, Divination Cards which determines your next move (draw one per round) and the gems will determine what skills you equip yourself with.

Each class will start with different set of Divination Cards, but will be able to draw one card from the opponents' decks if you roll 20s on both dice.

Work towards the centre of the map, and face a boss which is played by the player opposite you. Bosses will have access to the whole range of Divination Cards but can only draw one per round similar to the player. Only when all 4 bosses are defeated, then the players can fight the Shaper. The player who deals the most damage wins.

Welcome to Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds, The Board Game.


Larger image

Edit: Somehow uploading the artwork made it look blurry. If need be, I can send over the original art. Let me know :P Thanks
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This is my submission for the contest. Hope you enjoy it!

Memory of Grief
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Finally I'm done as well! My first PoE competition entry ever.
Chimera, the badassest of all the guardians. Many awesome work out here.

Good luck everyone!

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This is my entry "Preparing for the fight"
IGN : Hungryneko
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