Atlas of Worlds Fan Art Competition

hungryneko wrote:

This is my entry "Preparing for the fight"

Awesome!!! That scion actually looks like my character =)

Could not make much :X
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The Shaper after work

Did you really think that some brigand, whose biggest achievment is slaming the ground really hard with a mace, shooting some toothpicks or casting a few sparks, could defeat The Shaper of Worlds? He's actually quite a good actor, kind enough to even give you toys for your questionable "victory" over him.

Damn, I was excited to enter into this. Had even asked when the next competition would be, for I had an idea that I had been working on. I finally got my replacement RAM today so that I could get this rendered, and all the meshes and UVs went stupid. I don't even know what happened. My shaper looks deranged and isn't worth submitting. I'll fix it someday and put it on reddit I guess. :(

Many impressive submissions, love the creative ideas! Good luck to everyone :)

My Favorites

brobbeh wrote:

hgriffe wrote:


kujalla wrote:

The Marshes

Dreyll wrote:

scorn72 wrote:

Siwaster wrote:

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I also want to participate
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