Atlas of Worlds Fan Art Competition

My little Shaper drawing.
I noticed that my last submission is too dark for some computer screens. So here I make it brighter a little.

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Hey everyone, here's my submission "Wandering Worlds".
Supercylon wrote:
Hey everyone, here's my submission "Wandering Worlds".

Love it.Great lighting and mood!
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My work feature Zana explaining the legend of Atlas to all adventuring exiles.
You might notice some familiar items such as beast fur shawl, vinktar, corspri's will and so on.
Shaper and the guardians were included in the form of packman, because I felt the concept of it fits the lore really well.
Also you might notice the maps on the outside of this piece, and yes for the most part these maps are fully connected on your atlas, with a few exceptions.

Thanks for providing us with this amazing game, GGG.
It has been an emotional ride.

P.S: Here is the link to 1920:1080 version:
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Here is my entry. Yeah, another Shaper fight

3840x2160 version available here:
Just hit Download button on the right panel and you'll get it :)
my entry
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Here's something Essence related ^^

Link to DevianArt image :

Board game "Paths&Exiles" (I don't know the rules).

bigger version in .png format:

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