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As I gain/lose frenzy/endurance charges and onslaught, will the ballistas be affected by it or would I have to cast a balista when at max charges and onslaught for them to effectivevly have all charges?

As always, Totems use your current stats, there's no snapshotting. :)
Does +1 Weapon Range increase the area in which your melee totems will attack mobs? thanks :)
I would like to know is it possible to get Atziri's Disfavour by turning in The battle born divination card set, or are boss specific uniques excluded from the pool? I am sorry if this question was asked before, but I could not go trought all 85 pages of this thread. Also I am aware that you might not be permitted to disclose that kind of information, which is also fine. In any case, I do thank you for your help and time.
Question about EQ mechanics! Does the aftershock crit? What I'm getting at is:

If the initial hit crits, does the aftershock get xx% more damage than the crit damage and then crit again?
I don't think this is the right place for this, but this is where Support sent me, so:

For some reason, the Cast When Damage Taken gem does not seem to be working at all with my
newest character in the Prophecy league.

I've used the gem before with other characters and have not had problems.

I tried changing the order of the gems, buying a new gem, using a
different piece of armor, logging back in, etc. Anything that is linked
to a CWDT gem is still available for me to cast manually.
Hi wraithyn,

There are a few things that can prevent CWDT from working.

First and foremost, the Support gem itself can only support gems of a certain required level. Check your specific CWDT Support description for the exact level, and make sure the Spell you are trying to trigger has a required level equal to or lower than the level listed on your CWDT.

Second, in old patches, CWDT used work with Enduring Cry, as it was classified as a Spell in those days. Now it is a Warcry. Warcries can't be triggered.

Third, Vaal Skill Gems cannot be triggered.

Lastly, I want to double check to make sure - CWDT only supports Spells, not Attacks. Could you be trying to link CWDT to an Attack? Mouse over the gem you're hoping to trigger and see if it is an Attack or Spell if you haven't already.

Hope that helps!
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How work the interaction with MoM and % damage taken gained as mana when hit on full life? Example:

1000 max mana / Full mana pool / MoM + 30% dtgmwh.

Damage taken on mana = 600

1000 (mana full) + 600 mana gained = 1600, but the max is 1000 (excess wasted)

1000 - 600 damage = 400 (60% less mana pool)


1000 max mana / Full mana pool / MoM + 30% dtgmwh.

Damage taken on mana = 600

1000 (mana full) + 600 mana gained = 1600, but the excess is storaged on the memory just to calculation.

1600 - 600 damage = 1000 (0% less mana pool)
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could all the questions and answers be put together in a post or text file, also does poison suppert works with firetrap or any other spell that only does elemental damage?,

sorry tried to see if this was already answered but i got lost XD, i ask because poison seems to only work with chaos and phys damage, but the support gem doesnt clarify it.
i got a question about the Hierophant ascendancy point "Ritual of Awakening". It states "8% less totem damage per totem". If i use a spell totem linked with Summon Raging Spirits (or any other minion skill) according to my knowledge the less totem damage modifier should not affect the damage of the actual minion itself, since the totem merely casts a spell which creates a minion with its entirely own stats that is unrelated to increases / decreases to damage modifiers of myself and/or totems.

can u confirm whether or not "Ritual of Awakening" damage penalty has no effect on the damage dealt by minions summuned by totems?
1. Do minions have crit?
2. If they do, can I use coc on Dominating Blow and expect the minions to proc the CoC spells respectively as well?
3. If I link Dominating Blow with added fire/ice/lightning/chaos dmg, I presume the minions will get the benefits as well?


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