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How amount of bonus damage of "Unholy Damage" (Cata's minions' aura) buff is calculated?
Question about Scaeva, sorry i don't have this item and can't link it wiki link
Increased critical strike chance when in main hand - global or local?
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I'd like a clarification on the damage calculation for skills. The wiki appears to have either removed or buried the information.

Am I understanding it correctly that it goes like:

Net Damage = ([Base Damage * Sum of Increased Damage Modifiers] * Product of More Damage Modifiers) * Sum of Debuff Modifiers

Debuff example would be Shocked Ground from Vaal Lit Trap, Vulnerability Curse, Wither Stacks.

Obviously this gets more complicated when skills are utilizing multiple different damage types, as each Base Damage would get its separate calculation in accordance with the appropriate modifier, but for the purposes of this example we'll keep it simple with some like Caustic Arrow damage, which only has a single damage source.

I mostly ask this question for clarification on whether it's SUM for debuff modifiers, and PRODUCT for More damage sources.

Thanks in advance, and GREAT concept. You might have to hire someone specifically to do this job! =D
CA 20/300+ Solo Map MF Guide: view-thread/1291803/

Johnathan time is the most expensive time. He had been given several drinks though. So you either won't see it, or it'll be awesome... without accidentally all the frogs again. But let's make this interesting by confirming it.
Why does the game stutter every time you use blast rain on a pack of around 10 monsters? Everyone I know is experiencing this FPS drop, which we believe is sound related. Running the game with --nosound, there is no issue whatsoever.

So I would like to say, good job fixing the sound problems guys. Now you made it 10x worse so that its a requirement to use --nosound.
IGN: Tretter
Hi Mark,
thanks for the thread !

- If I use poisoning minions, is the duration of their poison affected by my increased
duration passive nodes ? (I would guess no)
and by an increased duration gem linked to them ? (I would guess yes)

- I've seen a lot of different info about whether reflected damage is
affected or not by monster stats/mods and/or map mods, as I understand it I would
guess that it counts as if you hit yourself with all your own stats (accuracy, crit, RT,
penetration, etc) with the reflect percentage applied, and that the enemy you hit
(or any map mod) has no effect in any way. Is that correct ?

For example, something unclear to me is this: I hit a monster with an attack,
its evasion check fails, so I actually hit the monster. Reflect happens, do I
get another evasion roll for that damage, with my own accuracy vs. my own evasion ?
or using the monster's accuracy (I remember seeing various posts stating that) ?
Two questions:

1: is the Slayer's Headsman passive supposed to prevent on kill effects from curses like Poachers mark, Assassins mark, and Warlord's mark?

2: Why can't on-block effects be triggered by blocking reflect?
IGN: TsuruyaNyro
Necromancer-Spirit Eater say "2% increased Attack and Cast Speed for each Corpse consumed Recently".
1. Only offering skills do "consume"? Detonate Dead or Raise Zombie didn't increase speed. What they do?
2. Additional offering done in 4 sec didn't increase speed. Is this intended?
With Earthquake+Poison, does Earthquake's "Aftershock deals (60 to 79)% more Damage" apply to the poison degen? The description makes it sound like a general '% more damage' multiplier which normally 'double dips' and applies to the poison degen.
Why is frost wall so inconsistent at blocking certain player projectile attacks (namely explosive arrow)?

I think this is accuracy related.
IGN: TsuruyaNyro
Why do summon raging spirits not have a tool tip DPS? This makes it extremely difficult to judge how much damage you are doing with different passives and support gems.

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