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I only forgot to ask for three days straight, but: Spark has a re-arm time of 1000 milliseconds. What exactly does this mean?

When a Spark volley hits an enemy, no other Spark in that volley can hit the same enemy; no shotgunning allowed. Does it take 1000 milliseconds before that volley can hit the same target again? (guess: yes)
In the past, a spark that bounces erased its memory. Does that still happen? (guess: no)
Hi Mark,

I have a question concerning shocked status. So in the poewiki discription it is stated that enemies taking "...50% increased damage from all sources". Now i know the difference between increased and more, but i wonder if the "receiving" and "outgoing" increased damage multipiers are applied differently/seperately.

So what i mean is: do the 50% increased damage getting added onto all my increased damage multipliers or do the 50% damage getting added to the enemies' damage taken modifiers, which i will have to assume are way less than my damage modifiers in total.

So if an enemy has no damage taken modifiers and gets shocked can i assume him to get basically 50% more damage?

Thank you for the answer in advance.
It is stated that "enemies take 50% Increased Damage" - "take" is a very important keyword in that description :)

In essence, Damage occurs in two phases: attacker-side, and defender-side. These are two entirely separate calculations.
Increased Damage applies to your Damage dealt, the attacker-side calculation.
Increased Damage Taken is a modifier on the enemy, defender-side.

Your Increased Damage and an enemy's Increased Damage Taken cannot be additive, because they are part of different calculations. That's why Shock is so good.
Hi Mark, thank you so much for this thread and answearing the questions.

What does the secondary duration of Frost Bomb do?
The Base duration seems to be the time the Frost Bomb lasts until it detonates from my observation.
Is the secondary duration the time the debuff the Frost Bomb applies lasts?

From my observation the debuff Frost Bomb applies cannot stack - is my observation correct?
Steiner1 wrote:
Is the secondary duration the time the debuff the Frost Bomb applies lasts?
From my observation the debuff Frost Bomb applies cannot stack - is my observation correct?

Correct on both accounts.
I've noticed that projectile pierce on the tree affects minions. I also remember that Deadeye's +1 projectile worked with minions (I could be wrong on this thought). What other passives work with minions then? I'm specifically interested in Elementalist's Beacon of Ruin.
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Hi, I'm curious what the base speed of spark is. The base duration is 1.5 seconds and it dies after 150 units. I'd like to be able to calculate how much projectile speed and/or duration I'd need to hit the 150 unit cap accurately.
"chance to avoid Fire Damage when Hit"

For example, Monster deals a hit on Me, that bring 10 phys dmg & 10 fire dmg.

I avoid it (with mod above), then:

1. I'll take 10 phys damage;
2. I'll take NO dmg at all.

Which is right?
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Leeching reflect damage

Lets say we wear bramblejack, and we are also a berserker with cloaked in savagery allocated and we just took a savage hit recently. Will we leech %100 of the reflect damage we deal with bramblejack for incoming melee attacks ??
Hezmana's bloodlust

The poe item wiki on hezmana's bloodlust states that the highest phys roll is 12-25. I however dont see anyone having higher than 10-25 like in poe trade. Could there be an error in the wiki?

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