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Does flame totem work with projectile weakness?
I mostly want to know about pierce chance and increased damage parts.
Flame Totems fire Projectiles, yes.
Does Izaro's mortar skill (green globs) bypass the taunt mechanism? I've had him target me multiple times despite having the taunt red glow around him (procced by my Decoy Totem).

The same happens on the Plaza boss, so I imagine the potential bypass/break is attached to the skill, and not the bosses.
Hello guys.

Im searching which 6-link gems will have best profit dealing maximum DPS with SRS gem in 2.3.0.

I use 6-link Pledge of Hands. Now i use this gems:

1. SRS
2. Minion Damage Support
3. Added Chaos Damage Support
4. Added Fire Damage Support
5. Elemental Focus Support
6. Multistrike Support / Melee Splash Support

According to Wiki preferences list.

I dont have 4lvl Empower gem yet.

But i see there is also Melee Phys.damage gem, as it says gives good profit.
But WIKI does not recommend it in preference list.

So what will be the best ways one for solo target and another for AOE?

Other question will Controlled Destruction Support gem (Spell, Support) add damage to SRS gem (Spell, Minion, Duration, Fire)?
Sorry for my bad English. Crit bow Ranger 97 lvl.
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Completed 36 Challengespotvin93 wrote:
Completed 36 Challengespotvin93 wrote:
Hi Mark,

I was wondering how to do the rampage challenge with 1000 killstreask with my summoner and i saw there is a pair of gloves to be on rampage (Wyrmsign) and thinking how get a maximum endurance charge. So by reducing my maximum capacity the endurance charge, i'll be at the maximum!

However, it doesn't seem to work. Is it me that i don't understand the maximum endurance charge while at 0/0 or it's a bug?

Thank you.

Wyrmsing and 3 Fragility is what i am talking about.

I am really confused, it should work i think...

It works!!! I just need to kill few mob to start the rampage!!!
Quick question regarding the singularity item, the item has this line that says "Nearby Enemies are Hindered, with 25% reduced Movement Speed", there is also the Maim effect that says "Maimed Enemies have 30% reduced Movement Speed. We know that bosses have curse resist, do they have any kind of resist for this kind of debuff ? Thanks for your time.
Can you share the order that life regen factors into damage calculations if at all? For instance, when you are running Righteous Fire your health always is down a small slice of damage (probably worth one tick of the degen damage).

Thanks for the awesome thread.
I tried talking to support about this and was referred to this thread. Sorry if it doesn't fit the bill exactly but an answer would be great.

I have an alternate art Kaom's Sign still in a remove-only stash tab from a long time ago. What happens to that alt-art ring if I run it through the prophecy that upgrades Kaom's Sign to Kaom's Way? Is the original item directly updated with the new mods, or is your original item replaced with the new item with equivalent stats to the old one (essentially meaning that the art on the previous item would be lost)?

Is it possible to have an alternate art Kaom's Way, is really what this question boils down to?
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One thing I've been curious about for a while is how more multipliers stack up together, when from different sources.

Lets say you are a bezerker, and have the 40% more damage from it (forget the name). Then you go ahead and get another 20% more damage from 5 frenzy charges.

Are these two simply added together to make 1.6x damage, or are they multiplied together to result in 1.68x damage.

Thank you for the answer!
Sure, the lab can be hard, but it's pretty easy if you're properly geared, and not terrible at the game.
Vipermagi wrote:
Completed 27 ChallengesSirDragos wrote:
Vortex says "Modifiers to Spell Damage apply to this skill's Damage Over Time."
Doe this mean that ANY DoT effect created by the skill is modified by spell damage or just the AoE ground effect it creates?
Example: If I support Vortex with Cold to Fire, is the burn it creates modified by spell damage? (It is not typically for other skills that can burn.)

It applies to all Damage over Time applied by the Skill. Essence Drain does the same thing with Poison :) This interaction makes Conflux pretty dang intense.

Is it confirmed by GGG somewhere?
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