[3.2] Unstoppable Gladiator 78% Max Block/Spells. Best Low Budget League Starter (Fully Updated!)

I havent tried Added fire, PoB says it's weaker but maybe I'm missing something.
I like Conc Effect because I can use that blue socket to switch in Phys to Lightning for phys reflect maps.
Sunder single target is not that big anyway and especially not with just a 1h weapon (without dual wield buff and statstick)
Is it worthy taking Outmatch and Outlast plus Violent Retaliation over the bleeding ascendancy nodes?
Violent Retaliation looks pretty OP since normal mobs are pretty easy.
Any chance you could update the PoB for 3.3?

Also would swapping GV for Haemo gloves work the same and then going for VR instead, to get 82/82.
id rather use sunder because im so used to the skill
hope any1 can help me here, im complete noob in this game. i used this build in breach league.
but now after the passive tree reset i miss like 10 skill points compared to ops path of the building. i have to do the skill book quests again ?
what do u guys use for single target while going 82/82 block? i did uber lab at 71 lvl, no problemo and izaro was not that big of an issue but i feel that sunder single target dps is not that huge. is static strike way to go?

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